3 Types of Shirts All One Needs in His Wardrobe

by | December 29, 2016

Make sure to have these in your closet

If you want a stable wardrobe that lets you dress yourself right at all times to sufficient, unfortunately not with a shirt, or even a kind of shirt actually.

No, the fact is that you should have at least a shirt of any kind, it gives your wardrobe a good foundation and you will easily be able to mix and match, more or less all times.

How many different types of shirts are there?

I would say that there are three main shirts, now will certainly understand any-to-paare rally on my tight classification on Twitter, but there are some crap same. I choose to divide them into three different types of shirts, it makes everything easier, and more fun.

But now, no more unnecessary introduction, here are three different types of shirts you should be sure to buy when building your wardrobe solid basics.

1: The shirt of dressed

I do not know if it dressed the shirt need for much presentation. It is simply about the slightly longer, single-colored shirt with classic collar that works well with the tie.

This type of shirt is the one that you will really need to, because you will hopefully go on various baptisms, weddings and celebrations uppstyrda in your life. It is difficult to get away with any other type of shirt when the dress code is ‘suit’ or ‘tie’.

Significantly for the dressy shirt:

  • Usually a “glossy” fabric
  • One color
  • Slightly longer, when it is made to be tucked into the pants
  • Generally have one of the following collar:
    • Spread / Cutaway
    • Classic

2: The casual shirt that works for the most part

Ahhh, my absolute favorite pieces, that type of shirt that is between them, and works both on the beach, barbecue, Christmas party, Valentine’s Day and during a sweater on Christmas Eve. The only time it does not work like clockwork is actually when you need that dressy shirt with attached tie or bow tie. Otherwise, the person said the ultimate garment.

A perfect example of this type of shirt is Polo Ralph Lauren Button-down shirts in soft cotton knit structure.

Significantly for the casual shirt that works for the most:

  • A little shorter so you do not stop it
  • A softer material, often slightly structured
  • Often (but not always) patterned making it less strict
  • narrower fit
  • Often, button-down collar

3: Tuxedo Shirt

This type of shirt you perhaps do not use so often (which is a shame, since smoking is terribly neat), but if you want the A + rating on your skjortgarderob you should invest in a stylish tuxedo shirt, for when you need it so it is nice to avoid having to rent one and instead take on a man comfortable in.

Then one can also hope that you subconsciously put you in more situations where you can wear tuxedo if you have a tuxedo shirt.

What makes smoking the shirt different from a conventional gents shirt collar, as it has to fly so smoking need collar work out together with the broad fly.

Significantly Tuxedo Shirt:

  • White
  • Often with pleated portions on the front side
  • Smoking-collar / Wingtip Collar
  • Genuine cuff (like that where you need cufflinks )