4 Pair Shoes All Men Should Have the Shelf

by | February 4, 2017

All men should adorn their feet with these four classics

The phrase: “The shoes make the man” we have all heard, and there is something in it. You can get away with a bit of all the possible upper and lower parts of their outfit, but when you have the wrong shoes, then everything feels suddenly pretty damn weird. Black boots in summer or sneakers in the slushy snow in the winter, just as wrong both, and equally strange both. But with a well-stocked shoe just right, you can avoid these awkward situations, all you need is actually 4 different pairs of shoes. It really is not.

Here is a list of four shoes all men should have. You could call them the shoes basics!

1: Black leather shoes

The most iconic shoe of all of them. The black leather shoe is rarely completely wrong shoe, and when it is right, then it’s just the one that works.

If you have not had time to build up an extensive wardrobe of basics yet it is a pair of black leather shoes among the first things you should buy. They work with the most colors of the costumes and live you do not have a life where you need formalwear neither in work in everyday life, it is still a good chance that sooner or later you end up at a wedding or a funeral. At the wedding the works just fine, and at the funeral, they are a necessity. So sooner or later all need a pair of black leather shoes.

To safea the maximum so I recommend a pair of classic Oxfords, the works for everything and never goes out of style.

2: Flat top

Here it is just about simple sneakers. A pair of rainbow-colored shoelaces are cool once in a while, on a specific type of celebration. But they do not work in the long run, and how neat you are, you can not always have dressed leather shoes on you. You may think that you can always dressa up a little bit, but it does not hold 99% of the world’s women with. Being able to dress for the occasion is an art, and sometimes you have to have a pair of stylish and simple sneakers.

Set on a pair of white, or light, it works for the most part and looks very fresh. Also keep the model simple, high trainers is cool in some situations, but just as often they become too much.

3: Dark brown brogue

The dark brown brougen is in between -shoes. They are not as neat as a pair of black leather shoes, while not as neddressade as a pair of sneakers. They work on everything from summer party with the job to the wedding.

It is simply a pair of shoes all men should have the shelf.

4: Dress Boots

Sooner or later it will be cold, and when you do not want to lower the look with a pair of heavy timberland boots, but still be warm and dry feet. This is a nice pair of dress boots come in, they are the perfect solution!

Dress boots work well with everything from jeans to full costume, as long as the weather supports your choice of shoes, of course. Sliding not around in them in the summer, it’s just weird. Trim them up for the fall, winter and spring, and you will see that it is really neat.



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