4 Suit Trends 2015 – the Suit Enlivened

by | February 15, 2017

What do you prefer, floral or plaid?

What’s new on the suit front in the year? Is it pinstripe and dark navy blue as in previous years? No, 2015 looks completely different.
Here are the 4 strongest suit-trends in 2015!

1: Short Suits

Dream of summer makes itself clear even in costume fashions. Shorts with matching jacket can be pretty damn neat in the right context, and I hope we can look forward to an equally hot summer last year, so you get a chance to air your legs while you can dressa top.

2: Patterned costumes

Pattern We have written a couple of times already, and the costume side, it is just as inside. Personally, I would put money or energy on this kind of extreme costumes, but maybe it’s just me that is a bit too classic…

No matter what you like, then patterned costumes to be something we must be prepared to be fed with this year.

3: Blue Suits

Blue, what can you say. It feels a little silly to take it up as a trend for this year, the blue suits have worked all these years. But 2015 will be the year when it sold pretty damn little black suits, the blue will dominate completely.

Like blue, it may be time to check out our guide to which colors go with blue.

4: Laid costumes

Something we wrote about earlier is mixed mode, that is a mix of casual and dressy clothes. A style that is slowly growing for me and that is likely to be swine stylish sometime in August.

When it comes to costume trends, 2015 is no exception, we will see a lot of costumes with a relaxed fit and a generally casual feel.



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