5 Hottest Summer Garments – a Couple Mast in Closet

by | February 8, 2017

Some dear reunions and a pair of long-running

As with most things will go in the fashion cycles, and this year we see a couple of favorites to become modern again.
Do you want to keep the style of the peak in the summer? Well then, you should ensure that your wardrobe includes these five key garments.

Want to learn more generally about what this summer’s menswear offer, I recommend you to check out our article: “Men’s Fashion Summer 2016!”

But now to the list, this is the summer’s hottest 5 pieces!

1: The polo shirt

After a few years of exile, it is finally time for polo sweater to make a comeback. It’s actually one of my favorite pieces. DIG is all that you want in the summer; it is short-sleeved and cool, it is sufficiently dressed to fit on most types of parties and dinners but at the same time not too dressed to stand out while sitting in a park and drink some beer. A fantastic summer garments simply.

But for God’s sake, snap it never all the way up!

Combine it with …

Match polo sweater with suede shoes and chinos, happily tucked if you can bear it (requires slim chinos, dressy leather or suede shoes and a fit body).

2: Bomber jacket

This fella we’ve written about a lot in the spring. A beautiful jacket with a unique cut. It is never easy to look unconcerned as when one has his bomber jacket on him.

Combine it with…

T-shirts, polo shirts and jeans. But to have it not too dressy clothes, then you will see just strange.

3: white sneakers

White sneakers has been on a crusade here in Sweden for a few years now, and this year is the obvious choice.

Combine them with…

For my part, feel free to match them with a suit. It will be a delightful mix and you get a lovely summery radiance.

4: Chino!

Just like the polo shirt has chinos been off the map for a while, but in the summer they make great retreat. Hide the jeans in the back of the closet and invest in a pair of chinos in different colors.

Combine them with…

The polo shirt and a pair of suede shoes, just like in the picture above. Really nice!

5: Oxford Shirt

I do not know if oxford shirt ever been out of fashion? Regardless of how history looks like it is an obvious garments in your summer wardrobe this year too. Invest in a really good shirt, the material is a very big part of what makes oxford shirt as stylish as it is.

Combine it with…

Chinos and white sneakers. Summery and relaxed.