5 Must for You in Son Bou

The holiday destination Son Bou has one of Menorca’s longest sandy beaches. This small town is especially appreciated by families with children who want a nice relaxation without having to be dragged with drunk and partying young people. Menorca is generally known for offering peaceful holidays and the nightlife is completely different from what you can find in both Ibiza and Mallorca. Here are five tips for those on their way to Son Bou.

Lazy days at the beach

Of course you certainly want to see as much of the surroundings and Menorca as possible, but the main activity in Son Bou is still above all to enjoy the wonderful beach. This long sandy beach is one of the favorites on the island and here you can spend the day exactly as you want. Snorkel, dive or ride a banana boat to see the sea from another side, lie back and soak up the sun on one of the sun loungers under a parasol or have a good lunch at one of the beach’s restaurants.

Visit the village of Alaior

According to Extrareference, the nearest village is called Alaior and still dates from the 14th century. If you want a little change from the even calmer Son Bou, you should go here by bus, taxi or rental car and walk and stroll between the alleys and the small shops there. There are also a few more restaurants here and since the village is only a quarter of an hour away, you are right to go here sometimes. During the summer, the village’s fiesta is also held to celebrate its patron saint Sant Llorenç. Take the opportunity to go here then and botanize among market stalls, dance in the streets or watch Menorca’s own bred menorca horses that you are so proud of. The fiesta is full of joy and so will the visitors.
In addition to the fiesta, a market is held once a week and then you can take the opportunity to buy all kinds of delicacies and crafts.

Hiking in Cami de Cavalls

Along the coasts around the whole of Menorca, the hiking trails are divided and the entire route is called Cami de Cavalls or the horse trail in Spanish. This is because in the past, people scouted and kept watch from various watchtowers along these trails and often did so on horseback. Nowadays you can put on your trekking shoes and sun hat and walk for hours along these paths that offer beautiful flowers and unusual bird species. You can also ride a mountain bike or rent a horse to ride in the old horse tracks.

Take the mini train around

In Son Bou there is a small mini train for those who have pain in their feet or just want to see the place as comfortably as possible. The train called Son Bou Express departs both mornings and evenings and makes several stops, both at the beach and in the city center. For those who want some nice sight-seeing and make an experience with the children, the tourist train is a smart alternative.

Walk in the nature reserve El Prat de Son Bou

If you love nature and birds, you can take a trip to El Prat de Son Bou. Here is a bird tower set up for those who want to watch birds and you can also reach the unexplored Atalis caves from here. The island of Menorca is in itself an entire nature reserve and you are very careful to preserve everything as it is. As a visitor, you should respect this and take good care of the surroundings by cleaning up after yourself if you have a picnic, etc.

5 must for you in Son Bou

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