5 Things We Should Look Us Up At Odeeh

by | March 29, 2017

Would we here and there give the job to visualize German fashion or to describe, so some people or one would quite likely sketch purist designs, think of Hugo Boss, and perhaps even at Jil Sander and highlight of course clear lines, uniform look and minimalist cool. That fashion made in Germany but at least as diverse is, how come this country itself, it the least. Drawer, drawer to. But how will be different brands recorded in this country still the highest heels such as Gerry Weber and co. And also: also the young guns have been stopped at some point, have to sell at the end of the day that first and foremost they somehow with swim to. The result? The corners and edges are off, the whole thing is although portable, but also often also yawning boring.

On German fashion you think, who remembers perhaps but also in Odeeh, and in what Jorg Ehrlich and Otto Drogsler as creating in her Studio near the town of Wurzburg around nine years: for two seasons, again in Berlin to show the two designers and quartered up to the repeated and arguably the last time in the building of the Berlin City Palace , in order to serve us again the highlight of the first day. Hard concrete and Berlin cold in contrast to playful looks, warm colours, layering, how we love it and a touch of Gucci-attitude, “can be everything, everything must” mentality and obviously a lot of fun on the own job. What we collection 2017 should look out definitely already by Odeehs autumn/winter?

1 celebrates the Capri pants about a comeback?


NA, which was but also slow time: Odeeh extracting a pocket of the Capri pants and miss her a little Makeover: reminiscent of a cut and sewn to the hem suit pants, non? Dresses and long blouses are combined – C’est ça! A short shirt or a jumper plugged-in match but at least as well!

2 the accessory: the oversized loop!


NA clear, scales, we saw no shortage at Gucci – and still Odeeh-the loop should not be missed. It is the icing on the cake so to speak on their looks. And what does this tell us? If the outfit once again just before boredom abounds, a bow around the neck hit friends.

3 patterns, patterns, patterns: bear it how you want it to.


Whether you stay in a pattern or completely turn through: everything is possible – and everything looks good. Is there a rule? Of course, you have to feel you. Because then everything works in the blink of an eye.

4 all eyes on: Samtballerinas!

2016 was already the year of ballerinas, 2017 will connect seamlessly it. You remember the Velvet Treterchen from the Walliwalla stores? I’m not sure whether Odeeh has resorted to these models, the look is almost equal. Velvet meets Mary Jane shoe. LOVE!

Deluxe 5 colour:


Yves Klein Blue to Khaki, apricot meets Curry, lemon yellow and dark blue on black. Everything can, can do everything.