6 Tricks to Soften Jeans So They Feel Well-used Direct

by | February 20, 2017

Eliminate chafing in the crotch…

Do you want to soften jeans without having to walk around with them one month? You are not alone, the first weeks of a new pair of jeans is rarely super comfortable, if not exclusively purchase the stretch jeans of course, then you’re kind home immediately.

Here is a watertight way to get jeans soft, there are 6 steps and can seem meckigt, but once you tried it, you’ll agree that it’s worth it. If you are not super picky so it may be enough to drive on through step 3, then you should have gotten them a little softer anyway.

Soften Jeans

  1. Turn the jeans inside out
  2. Wash them 2-3 times with moisturizing softener
  3. Tumble dry the jeans with two tennis balls
  4. Scroll jeans to a really tight roll and let them cool for about 15 minutes
  5. Rub the jeans gently with a pumice stone or fine sandpaper
  6. Wash the jeans again, but this time you throw in a pair of sneakers, as well as some softening fabric softener

Let’s go into a little detail on how you can make jeans soft, and why each step is important:

1: Turn them inside out

This protects the exterior from wearing too much of the next steps

2: Wash them 2-3 times with moisturizing softener

Rinse aid and the warm water softens the fibers and prepare them for future treatments

3: tumble jeans with two tennis balls

This will be a quick version of wearing jeans 2-3 weeks. Tennis balls break down the hard denim fabric and give them a little of that feeling they get when they had them on until they become so comfortable there

4: Roll the jeans into a tight roll

This must be done when they are hot. The fibers are stretched namely more when the jeans are allowed to cool when they are rolled in this way.

5: Rub the jeans with a pumice stone or fine sandpaper

Another way to soften the fibers and give the jeans a bit of a used look. Be careful not to rub too hard only, then you can get them to grow old too fast.

6: Wash the jeans back with fabric softener and a pair of sneakers

Yes indeed, it sounds strange but driving in only. Trainers were absorbs some of the starch from the jeans and also works as a second variation of the tennis balls in step 3.