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Yearbook 1999

Kuwait. Following the recent election to Parliament on July 3, the government was forced to resign as its supporters managed to win only 16 of Parliament's 50 seats. The winner of the election became liberals and other opposites. The Emir, Sheikh Jabir al-Ahmad as-Sabah, had dissolved the parliament and declared new elections after the parliament had threatened with a distrust vote against Justice and Islam Minister Ahmad Khalid al-Kulayb who was blamed for errors in Quran produced by his Ministry. The election was held a year and a half earlier than planned.

1999 Kuwait

According to Countryaah official website, the Emir issued a decree in May that would give the country's women the right to vote and the right to run for office from the next parliamentary elections, 2003. But the proposal was voted down by Parliament and the government in November. Several liberals were said to have voted against the bill because the emir's decree had been issued after Parliament was dissolved.

The then government decided in January to reduce government subsidies and raise prices for various types of public service. More cuts were to be expected when the new government's finance minister, Ahmad Abd Allah al-Ahmad as-Sabah, was considered to be a strong advocate for increased foreign investment and privatization.

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