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Trinidad and Tobago

Yearbook 1999

Trinidad and Tobago. According to Countryaah official website, the Caribbean Heads of Government of the Caribbean, The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) met for a summit in Trinidad and Tobago's capital Port of Spain July 4-7. The prime ministers agreed to create a regional court to replace the UK Court of Appeal, the UK Privy Council (where convicted criminals can request mercy). International human rights organizations argued that this is an attempt to speed up the introduction of the death penalty in several of CARICOM's member countries. The new court is expected to take effect in the summer of 2000.

1999 Trinidad and Tobago

In June, a month before the CARICOM Summit, nine men were murdered who in 1994 murdered four members of the same family. All were convicted as early as 1996, but the executions were postponed with the help of grants applications to The Privy Council in London, which serves as an appeal court for 16 of the Commonwealth states. The British court ruled in May 1999 that hanging itself is not inhumane, and the executions were executed a month later.

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