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Yearbook 1999

Uruguay. In the second round of the presidential election on November 28, the Colorado Party candidate Jorge Batlle turned his downside from the first round to victory by 52%. According to Countryaah official website, Tabaré Vázquez from the left-wing coalition Encuentro Progresista-Frente Amplio (EP-FA), who led all opinion polls during the year and who got 7% ​​more votes than Batlle in the first round of the presidential election, got 45%. The 73-year-old Batlle has a solid political family tradition to fall back on; his grandfather's brother José Batlle y Ordóńez was president in 1903–07 and 1911–15, and the architect of Uruguay's, at the time, very modern welfare system that gave the country its reputation as a "South America's Switzerland". On the other hand, the EP-FA won 52% of the votes in the department of Montevideo, where almost half of Uruguay's population lives, and became the largest party group in the Congress, though without its own majority.

1999 Uruguay
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