All Eyes on the Modern “Alice in Wonderland”: Vivetta Resort 2017

Who thinks in Italy, which inevitably has pictures of good food in the sense, sees a boot in his mind’s eye, smiles when Flash small snippets of family celebrations, howl Ferraris in the ear hears, remembers monumental monuments, and lets the Sun in his heart. Who thinks of Italy, think but also mi of big probability of a land full of passion, fashion and well drawn people. Milan has long been regarded as the fashion city par excellence, adorned with icons such as Gianni Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Guccio Gucci, celebrated flamboyant colors, opulent cuts, tradition and craft, and enthroned there at the top while she ridiculed the new, unconventional, even radical fashion from Paris at the beginning of the 90s. It rested on long-secret laurels and shut off before the new ones from New York, London, or just Paris. To be get easily at the end.
During us the sense last Sportiness and Scandinavian minimalism was one however, managed to bring the attention back to Italy and to make the playful lightness of Italian fashion again covetous: of course, Alessandro Michele for Gucci. For two years we look now already back more southern of Europe, to celebrate Italian creations, with drum roll and to peer over the edge of the plate. And to a person at this point cannot get past: Vivetta Ponti with her eponymous label VIVETTA: with a nod to the past but the vivi for most beautiful fairy tale dreams in the here and now, is par Excellence and for the girl in us who deep in their hearts never grow up want to be feet firmly planted in the now for playful lightness, but so heavily and self-determined goes their own way. Kami that we feel addressed at this point. All eyes on: VIVETTA!

Founded in 2008, known manages to create clothes for us Vivetta Ponti with her playful approach, which hits full volume, cut art and feminine details in our hearts since 2009, reminiscent of the whimsical Alice in Wonderland, poetry and nostalgia, without to be stuck in the kitsch universe. Bright colours, contagious good mood and their significant faces adorn the collar or tucked away on upper parts to find are, make VIVETTA to a label with high recognition value and a wonderful young interpretation of overloaded tradition homes, which long had no place at all the young designers, to thrive. All made in Italy, of course: and this applies for materials as well as for the production. And the best thing? A touch of Vivetta can knot themselves for around 150 euros to the neck: in the form of collar with their iconic faces. The blouses start around 250 euros, pants at 300 euros and their clothes are from 350 euro.
We have put together of course a few of you: Vivetta are, inter alia at farfetch and at Luisa via Roma (you think off action on our 30 percent?)
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