All Zara Shoes Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011 That Are Setting Trends in The Street

by | April 2, 2017

The catwalk proposes and the Street has. A fait accompli that occurs more than never in fashion. Street law is imposed and does so often trends are being created in the streets, blogs and photographs of streetstyle.

Where did not focus the birth of styles such as lolita, the nerd, the preppy gossip girl glasses…? Zara know it and its collection of shoes fall-winter 2010 / 2011 now has models that are marking trend in our streets, and therefore, shall be adopted by the signatures the next seasons.

So one that has soul of Explorer after contemplating an article from one of my favorite online editions, the Glamour magazine 50 essential shoes of winter selected by Susana Molina, whom I had the pleasure to meet on the journey of Jezebel to London, has come to seek and dig to the hunting and capture of those models of Zara that will allow us to go glamorous and very trendencieras without spend the quarters to expuertas and that they are already going strong in the streets of London, Paris or New York.


We’ve seen them, we criticized, praised, referred to and it seems that finally many women are being decided by a trend that few could predict and that I present in the first place: the open toe.

A quieter version which we also found in streets, storefronts and celebrities.



Summer has been the moment its resurgence, which was not the case since the trend House on the Prairie and the Provencal of years ago. But the clogs It seems that for the time being they will stay. The best of this model, your comfort. New wood and studs adorning the vamp.


Male inspiration


The style school male It is more fashionable than ever. Series as Gossip Girl they have contributed has lead to our streets. Whether you’re a student or teacher, we are sure that you’ve seen. A beautiful model with tongue and aged skin than if you’ve not seen in the streets, is that your eyes were not open.


IM to gossip girl

Moccasins to the Blair Waldorf in his moments of “ study ” invade the streets. A plug-in that only calzábamos by maternal order of small and now choose with taste.

High heels


Although it seems that the heels are in the doldrums, or at least in space cities, not having them in the collection would be a serious mistake. Zara has opted for one of the trends we contemplate more on Christmas, The lace

And how not, exotic skins, with crocodiles and printed at the head of the herd animals. Who not does already have a purse or pumps in crocodile or snake?


Kate Moss Street


The Street looks of fashion guru Kate Moss They showed us, Zara caught them and we took them.

Other model very “ Sienna and Kate travel to London with his last look boho chic & #8221;.


Fashion Yeti


You are slowly gaining popularity and the details of hair have already invaded our streets without shame. Zara shows us a model inspired by fashion Chanel Yeti.

And for quieter fashionistas without desires of accompaniments, another trend, hair details.