Ashley Tisdale Renews Its Look

The change your look the week has all the ballots to be for Ashley Tisdale, who has undergone stylist and has left a part of his image of dyed blonde teen to modernize it a little and give it more credibility and maturity.

The same process was Hilary Duff some time to come off a little image that had up to that time. Although in the last changes of look, I stay with the of Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria y Hayden Patteniere; the three preferred to reduce dastricamente the mane towards the Court fashion: the Bob.

After a long time of long hair and some waviness, played a change and cut off a little. So did with the bangs, which has weathered some, like the rest of your hair. The most striking change is in the smoothing, style that favors him enough, more than the previous (and that which is not of my “Favorites”…).

With a top of folk style and a few Ray-Ban Wayfarer Black, Ashley Tisdale finished his appearance; but not forget add the touch of case with the Prada bag, magnificent.

We have also seen the next day with the collected bangs and the famous season shirts (it is not a nothing attractive design, and watching them both, we’re going to be tired after three days). I see better to Ashley Tisdale now than ever before, and you?