Before The Polar Cold, Choose Hair Garments!

On the Christmas Eve and with the cold that is plaguing our country to better time than Choose skins (true or false, that depends on the choice of each) to bundle up and wear the trend most cool and warm recent times.

There are skins for every moment of the day: day, evening and night. So nothing better to see some inspiring looks to wear this garment like nobody. The bloggers and street-stylers they are our muses in this hair wrap garments. Mira!

Hair for the day

Coats and jackets of hair are both for the day as night. Morning looks are great and add sophistication to almost any type of look. We like the dresses setenteros with hair vests and boots for the day but also with jeans. A look that has been proposed in a great way, Mango.

Another very similar look of the signature, also aires very seventies and Bohemian.

Mixing hair + dress we love, but if what we want is to not go cold nothing as a choose trousers. We like how this girl matching her coat of Teddy for a morning look with vintage style boots,.

Looks for evening coats and vests of hair

If expect you an intensive day of those that you know when you start but not just or you’ve stayed with friends for a drink by your city nothing like adding glamour to your hair garments. A street styler that beautifully combines its fur waistcoat: white shirt, Red skirt and lips in the same color. Simple and cool.

If you opt to wear black in your look in the evening or in the morning, avoid striking heel-wearing and choose a flat shoes as some dancers or male shoes and something that will prevent a look made Pacha. This girl in Madrid carries your garment of hair in a way that we like very much.

Looks at night with hair pieces

A look 100% Mango I think it is cute and is that they have managed to risk and get a wonderful effect. The shorts are really beautiful, the bow tie detail, but what I say mix a denim jacket and a jacket of hair? Outstanding.

Mixed hair and black is a sure bet for the night. Da same you wear skirt or pants, choose all-in-black less your garment of hair and puts some color in the bag like a green or dark fluorine and dazzles.

Avoid crosses, studs and all the Gothic tendency in jewellery if you want a chic look.

Prepared to wear this trend?