Brain Blah #1 / / of Motorcycles and Sexistinnen

by | March 15, 2017

Because not only in our mobile phones, but also in our brain stuck occasionally too much garbage, we introduce immediately a weekly series, moving content between column, collection of anecdote and many question marks. Light fare for in between, middle of the lettuce:

For an interview with the pretty unangezogenen guys book we sat out front a couple of weeks with an editor who is not shy to ask us about naked men and various frivolities. I confessed for example, that me currently no rocker sex symbol than Jackson plate from the sometimes somewhat indications necessary series “sons of anarchy” fall, that I occasionally even very happy to take this 60 minute long spiritual emptiness in purchase, just evil crook on thick motorcycles with strong poor and bad hairstyles to languish on, and that I me, if one takes it very well, Balz-techinsch although only sometimes, but very clearly move on Neanderthaler level. At some point the editor was away again, but still on the table. Two girlfriends were added and uproariously rained evidence: “Wow, Ebrahim, Ciao!” would I whistled a bearded only recently after, as a thank you for the Nice tug assistance at IKEA. “Uhlalala” I would anyway constantly before me that I still not have sprained neck me by the cavalier inevitable Boggle is the greatest of all miracles anyway and mumble. As a South Lake fish sufferer under oxygen deficiency I me snapping at the Cola straw nuckelnd and after air was silent the humiliation from the soul, everything I could ask eventually but still japsend was: that is, now, I am the rockets Sexistin par excellence? Consensual nod.

So much exceeded my ambitions self-reflection in the afternoon. So far I assumed dipped in innocence, I would have simply Schalk in the neck this well-known glue, but it came just as politically thick made, that the earlobe itch me unpleasant. It’s not necessarily satisfying to see a face when you get the mirror held above – a case for humanism and feminism for all. It has not only disadvantages, to be a woman, but problem several advantages. So far I could move anyway, like an elephant in the backhoe spell shop, without cash rating for it. This is, quite incidentally, unfair.

Where the fun in life stops and begins to disrespect in this question probably the dilemma is stuck, with not only mournfully staring construction workers and leaked Porsche drivers around need to beat. Also on the table are instead of answers only shrug. Possibly, the humor has lost us. Perhaps, but also a light has on us. A matter of perspective.

Can behave now because still correctly, if you behave at all? Determined. I just don’t know how.