Brown Facespa Sensitive Beauty In The Test + With Sweepstakes For Mother’s Day

by | March 30, 2017

As a small birdie my wonderful MOM told me always, are the three most important companions of happiness: good food, good people and good care. And how right she until today the good.

Because so cotton pads or bare hands sometimes just at the most important step of the facial care at their borders meet, namely cleaning, has thought about a face brush Brown before the blackhead from afar almost screaming running away. This is joined by a harmless-looking depilation essay, however powerful has what under the hood. The small double helper called facespa sensitive beauty. And I’m testing one again for all the Moms out there, for you and for me anyway. Let’s go.

What is ever exactly and what can I do with it?

The BRAUN facespa sensitive beauty comes in the limited version for mother’s day on the table. A handy, battery-powered device with two essays for a fresh, lovely clean pinch-face (man you’ve grown, and so pretty).

The brush: one for normal skin and one for sensitive, dry and sensitive skin that needs an even more gentle brushing. Supported by hundreds micro oscillations per minute, the 14 mm long nylon fibers to ensure a gentle cleansing. A up to six times more thorough cleaning than a manual promises of the manufacturer – oho!

The Brown face depilation essay: is the second tool in the package and used the hair removal in the face or just the teeth of the mother-in-law (jokes). He is tutto kompletti waterproof and ten long and thin tweezers sound not only effectively, no, so to go even the shortest hairs by the scruff of the neck, which can not be reached with wax. 200 plucking movements per second and a smooth thing that holds up to four weeks, is at least an announcement.

Doubt on the Scalamari front?

Long i’ve resisted me against face brush – why actually? Did it off as unnecessary, another tool of the beauty industry. Very cheap, are not Yes also gell. And epilate? Mr. Sky, preserve me before that. Keyword: scared Bunny. And then, finally, I could hold it no longer stand the pressure, my Nerdtum and curiosity were too big. I have honestly heard so far only good. So why not?

And then? Poah!

Short and sweet, I got my mom right after my test also equal to one for mother’s day you. Reason: Just of the otherwise often so unjustly treated face to neck transition game the handy and really super easy to use facial brush takes care of perfectly. Clearly after a few sample, it is not my imagination that the face as compared to manual cleaning more clearly feels tender and up into the pores. Breathe, face, breathe! The handle to the face brush followed by the handle of the toothbrush so morning and evening from now naturally. No act. I’m in there.

All excited I was by the Powerkracher Gesichtsepilierer – nasty eyebrow hairs and otherwise lost sources of interference can be thus removed super accurate and in no time Haneef. That should have told me earlier someone me. And no, her Angsthäschen, that hurts real no bit.


And so you must not blank go while out enjoying himself my fresh-faced with the fresh face of my mom at the Spa, you can here and now to win one of the Brown sets and give away either to the mother or secretly even keep.

How can you participate?

You tell us just below the article (Facebook don’t count comments unfortunately), why you the Braun facespa sensitive beauty * want to win.

And pushes you up next Sunday firmly crossed. Then that will be drawn from.
Happy Mother’s day, her heart!

* the profit may be not paid.

– this post is by Brown supported –