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Carbon County is located in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania and is bordered by Monroe, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Northampton, Luzerne, and Lackawanna Counties. It has a population of around 65,000 people and covers an area of approximately 387 square miles. The county seat is the city of Jim Thorpe.

According to, the area now known as Carbon County was originally part of Northampton County and was formed from parts of Lehigh County in 1843. The county was named for the coal deposits found in its soil. Although coal mining has been a major industry in Carbon County since its establishment, it has since diversified into other industries such as forestry, tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.

Carbon County is home to many attractions such as the Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center which showcases local history and culture through exhibits and events; the No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum which takes visitors on a tour of an abandoned coal mine; Hickory Run State Park which features camping sites, trails for hiking or biking, fishing spots and more; Jim Thorpe River Adventures which offers rafting trips down the Lehigh River; and many more outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding at Blue Mountain Ski Area or hunting at Beltzville State Park.

The county also boasts several famous people including NFL quarterback Joe Flacco who grew up in Audenried; singer Taylor Swift who attended Wyomissing Area High School; actor Mark Wahlberg who graduated from Copley High School; actresses Jennifer Aniston whose father John Aniston was born in Carbon County; singer-songwriter Christina Perri who grew up in Bensalem Township; musician Daryl Hall who attended Phillipsburg High School; actor Kevin Bacon whose father Edmund Bacon lived in Carbon County for several years; professional golfer Kelly Mitchum who graduated from Lehighton Area High School; actress Kathy Bates who was born in Philadelphia but spent her childhood living with her grandparents near Lansford; singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher who lived near Jim Thorpe for several years during her childhood; actress Brooke Shields whose mother Teri Shields taught at East Stroudsburg University while living near Stroudsburg with Brooke’s father Francis Alexander Shields III; Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte whose mother Ileana Lochte taught at East Stroudsburg University while his father Steven R. Lochte worked at Pocono Medical Center near East Stroudsburg; and many more celebrities with ties to Carbon County.

Carbon County is an ideal destination for those looking to explore Pennsylvania’s history or enjoy some outdoor recreation activities with plenty of attractions that appeal to all types of visitors – from avid skiers to historians looking to explore some local museums – making it an ideal destination for anyone visiting this beautiful corner of Pennsylvania.

Climate and weather in Carbon County, Pennsylvania

According to, Carbon County, Pennsylvania is located in the northeastern corner of the state and is known for its diverse climate and weather. The county experiences four distinct seasons, with hot summers, cold winters and two short spring and fall seasons.

In the summer months, temperatures can reach as high as the mid-90s Fahrenheit (around 35 Celsius) during the day, but cooler temperatures in the evening keep things comfortable. The humidity levels tend to be quite high during this season, making it feel even warmer than it actually is. Rainfall is also common throughout the summer months, though thunderstorms are usually brief and localized.

During fall, temperatures begin to cool off as the days get shorter. Average highs range from around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (16-21 Celsius), while lows typically hover around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (4-10 Celsius). Rainfall decreases significantly during this season compared to summer but snowfall can start as early as October in higher elevations of Carbon County.

The winter months bring cold temperatures to Carbon County with average highs ranging from 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to 4 Celsius). Snowfall is common throughout this season with some areas receiving over 100 inches of snow each year. Ice storms are also a possibility during winter in Carbon County due to its location near Lake Erie which can cause treacherous driving conditions on area roads.

When spring arrives in Carbon County, temperatures begin to climb back up into more comfortable ranges with average highs reaching into the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit (10-16 Celsius). Precipitation increases again during this season with rain showers being more frequent than snowstorms at lower elevations. Warmer days also mean that wildflowers start blooming again bringing a much needed splash of color after a long winter.

Carbon County experiences a diverse range of climates and weather patterns throughout the year ranging from hot summers to cold winters which makes it an ideal destination for those looking for some variety in their outdoor adventures.

Transportation in Carbon County, Pennsylvania

Carbon County, Pennsylvania is a great place to visit with its diverse range of climates and weather patterns throughout the year. With its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and many attractions, it has something to offer everyone. Getting around Carbon County is easy with a variety of transportation options available.

The most convenient way to get around Carbon County is by car. There are several major highways and roads that pass through the county, making it easy to navigate from one destination to another. The Pennsylvania Turnpike also runs through Carbon County for those traveling from out of state. Parking in the area is plentiful and affordable.

Public transportation in Carbon County is provided by both the Lehigh Valley Transit Authority (LVTA) and Trans-Bridge Lines. The LVTA offers bus service throughout the county as well as connections to other nearby areas such as Allentown and Bethlehem. Trans-Bridge Lines offers scheduled service between Carbon County and New York City as well as other cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For those who prefer rail travel, there are two Amtrak stations located in Carbon County – Lehighton and Jim Thorpe – both offering routes to various destinations throughout the Northeast region of the United States. There are also several taxi services available within Carbon County for those looking for a more personalized transportation option.

Finally, bicycling is another great way to explore all that Carbon County has to offer. There are numerous trails available for cyclists ranging from beginner level paths along rivers or lakes all the way up to more difficult mountain biking trails in higher elevations of the county. Bike rentals can be found at many locations throughout Carbon County making it easy for visitors who do not have their own bicycles with them on their trip.

getting around Carbon County is relatively easy thanks to its variety of transportation options ranging from cars and buses to trains and taxis as well as bike rentals available throughout the area for exploring on two wheels. Whether you’re visiting or living here permanently, you’ll find that getting around this beautiful part of Pennsylvania couldn’t be easier.

Cities and towns in Carbon County, Pennsylvania

According to, Carbon County, Pennsylvania is a vibrant and diverse county located in the northeastern part of the state. Home to nearly 65,000 people, Carbon County is comprised of nine townships and five boroughs. The county seat is Jim Thorpe, which is also the largest town in the area.

Jim Thorpe is a picturesque mountain town situated between two rivers – Lehigh River and Lehigh Canal. The local attractions include historical sites such as the Asa Packer Mansion and Mauch Chunk Museum, as well as outdoor recreation opportunities like whitewater rafting on Lehigh River and biking along Rail Trail.

Lehighton is another popular destination in Carbon County that offers plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The downtown area is filled with unique shops, restaurants, and galleries that make it a great place to explore. There are also several parks located in Lehighton including Memorial Park and Beltzville State Park where visitors can enjoy hiking trails, fishing spots, boat rentals, and much more.

The borough of Palmerton has an interesting history rooted in zinc production from its days as a mining town. Today, it’s home to several cultural attractions including the Blue Mountain Ski Area which offers skiing opportunities during winter months as well as summer activities like mountain biking and zip-lining through its treetops canopy tour.

The small town of Nesquehoning offers visitors a peaceful escape from city life with its stunning views of mountainside forests and tranquil lakeside strolls along Mauch Chunk Lake Park Trail. Visitors can also explore some interesting historical sites such as Panther Creek Falls or take part in outdoor activities like kayaking or canoeing on Lake Hauto or fishing at one of many stocked ponds throughout the area.

Another popular destination within Carbon County is Weatherly which features an old-fashioned downtown district with shops offering antiques items, art galleries showcasing local talent’s work, restaurants serving delicious homemade dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, an outdoor amphitheater for live music events during summer months, plus much more.

The townships of Carbon County are also worth exploring for their natural beauty ranging from forests to rolling hillsides dotted with farms growing produce used by local restaurants throughout the county such as Lehighton’s Meat Market & Deli or Palmerton’s Garden Center & Café both offering delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients.

Carbon County offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or simply want to take a leisurely stroll through one of its charming towns or villages – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore all that Pennsylvania has to offer.

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