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Snapchat Opens Ecommerce through Their Channels. You Buy?

Snapchat is renewed each month and going to best. The company that started with videos your contacts disappearing when more and add more things to do that is the social networks of the moment. And after we go crazy with their faces filled with filters and special effects, now announces a new addition: the power… Read more »

Fashion Cars: The Likes of Paris Hilton

As occurs with the styles for each season, with cars there are those who set the trend and who have very personal tastes. This is the case of Paris Hilton, a great amateur coaches in your garage has all kinds of models, from very sports cars to SUVs, that Yes, almost all of them with… Read more »

Fashion Cars: Citroen DS3

Citroen It has launched a new range of cars, known as the DS last year. The first model of this new range is the Citroen DS3, a compact car for the urban segment that competes with others such as the Fiat 500 and the MINI. The Citroen DS range It aims to move a step… Read more »

5 Things We Should Look Us Up At Odeeh

Would we here and there give the job to visualize German fashion or to describe, so some people or one would quite likely sketch purist designs, think of Hugo Boss, and perhaps even at Jil Sander and highlight of course clear lines, uniform look and minimalist cool. That fashion made in Germany but at least… Read more »

All Eyes On “Urban Ballerina” Edited By The Label

During the Berlin fashion week same now find the side events a kind of class reunion, where we meet not only finally once again all college * Interior, but also time to get past just bound small talks. A smart move, because with a delicious drink (non-alcoholic, of course) the reason of the invitation is… Read more »

5 Day Break And Holiday Sarah Jane Flies To Mykonos

In the head, summer is long and how can you best satisfy this yearning? Exactly, it is to you. 10 months my 4 day- head to head with Mallorca’s already been and hunger for Sun, sea and sand – or rather after offline time and fresh wind for ailing eyes and – is indignant. The… Read more »

“Makes It Wide But You!” – No, This Is My Body.

It is already a couple of times happened that various comment Gates wrote things such as “makes you fat but” or “oh, you’re honest, it makes you seem chubby „. As you might imagine, so some do not like to read but if that is so, then it is so. Anyway, I think it is… Read more »

Brain Blah #1 / / of Motorcycles and Sexistinnen

Because not only in our mobile phones, but also in our brain stuck occasionally too much garbage, we introduce immediately a weekly series, moving content between column, collection of anecdote and many question marks. Light fare for in between, middle of the lettuce: For an interview with the pretty unangezogenen guys book we sat out… Read more »

Ok Kid – “More” (And The Soundtrack Of A Generation?)

“More” is not new at all, but appeared in April. At that time I thought “aua”. Because the text track so really nasty fits. To many of us. Times completely, even only partially, but quite probably always a bit. Yesterday I opened my Facebook inbox and there they were then again, these lines of OK… Read more »

The Thing with the AK of Envy of

When I was a kid, my grandma said gladly: “Oh, Nikchen, you can yourself fortunate if you later times not too pretty and not very successful. That fact makes it not easier.” in my head, all trains collided even before they could reach the station. My mom found: “if you have a handful of good… Read more »

What is the Difference Between a Scarf and Scarf?

How is it now, it is a case of a beloved child has many names or not? Here is a question that most people probably are a little unsure, I do know that I was before I started comparing the two a little closer to the accessories.

Maternity Pants Tips

Pomkin is a clothing brand pregnancy French widely distributed in France in shops specializing in the sale of women’s clothing pregnant and other maternity items. For 2012, Pomkin has a nice collection of maternity pants in trendy colors…


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