Central Saint Martin’s Show: Cassandra Verity Green & the Problem of Goldfish

Against fashionable boredom helps little bit as much as the marvel at the Central Saint Martin’ s final Collections. Again and again the students of one of the most prestigious design universities break all boundaries and prove that even the most absurd visions can become reality, that fashion art can, should and must be. But how far can you go?

Cassandra Verity Green drove it this year at the top. That many an outfit only through skilful placing catcher accessories to the hit is quite common, just we had to do it so far rarely with living pieces of jewellery. Goldfish as floating through their cup-shaped backpacks and ball-aquariums – handbags are actually. Whether it looks good at all, it can fight, no question. But one must also discuss served by prohibiting that everything is now morally and ethically justifiable? I say: No. Many others say natural.

To the felt can be one with the apparently extremely short short-term memory of Golden fish, which man to justify including the placing them in pitiful small vases argues thousandth time. “big bollocks”, the science says. More experiences several weeks to months judging from, which can be stored in the memory of a fish – a dressage would otherwise not be possible. But it is.

I’m not a scientist and can refer at this moment only to newspaper articles, but even if Robert would forget after two seconds, that he is banged against the glass just yet to the 73rd, keeping would remain so and “using” of life under such conditions for me a huge mess. Keyword “rat tail”. But anyway very few think of consequences.

I will not paint me at all, what would come next would actually respect these fish mode and practice. Ah, excuse me, there ’ s Yes just anything: in China can be found currently particularly chic living keychains, what has the consequence that turtles, lizards, and Wassertierchen in small plastic bags are carried through the town. And because the stupid things must die off and be replaced after a few days, a blockbuster it has become. Bravo. Hooray for humans, the dumbest animal of all.