Chloraka, Cyprus

Chloraka stretched along the Mediterranean coast from Paphos to the famous Coral Bay. This is a typical resort village that cannot boast of an abundance of attractions (more precisely, there are practically none here), but this does not prevent it from being considered a great place to relax, especially for families.

Chloraka is located in a rather high valley, 50 m above sea level, thanks to which, from almost any point in it, a beautiful view of the endless water surface opens up. This place, like all villages near Paphos, is full of opposites. Old and modern buildings, Cypriot and international restaurants, interweaving of Greek, European and Middle Eastern cultures. People come here to relax in silence, which is broken only by the sound of the waves, the swaying of tablecloths on the tables of coastal taverns and the clinking of coffee cups.

How to get to Chloraka

According to Wholevehicles, Chloraka is located 20 km north of Paphos airport, where Es Seven flies from Domodedovo every day. At the airport, take bus number 612 and get to the Kato Paphos bus station (30 minutes). There, transfer to bus number 615 – after 20 minutes it will arrive in Chloraki. A detailed schedule is available at carrier website. A taxi from Paphos airport will cost 25-35 EUR (if ordered in advance), although you can negotiate on the spot for 15-25 EUR. The prices on the page are for October 2021.

You can also get to Chloraka through Larnaca, however, it will take a very long time to get there. At the airport, you need to take a bus to Paphos Airport (1.5 hours), then follow the instructions described. A taxi ride will cost 80-120 EUR.


Chloraka has a developed transport infrastructure – the village is served by buses of several operators, plying between Paphos and the nearest settlements. So getting to the right point is not difficult.

There are many parking lots in the city, most of which are free. There are several bike rentals, and you can also rent them at some hotels.

A taxi ride within the city limits costs about 12 EUR.

Chloraka Hotels

There are several large hotel complexes in Chloraka, a few smaller hotels, many apartments and villas for companies. Most guests prefer the first option, but it is usually booked through travel agencies. A double room with breakfast in a four-star hotel on the coast in this case will cost 177 EUR per day. But independent travelers prefer 3 * hotels. For the most part, they are located near the sea and offer rooms for 90-150 EUR per day.

Even in Chloraka, apartments are popular, and if the company is large, then entire villas. Renting apartments in the central part of the city (500 m from the sea) will cost 40-150 EUR per day. You can rent a cottage for eight for 250-300 EUR per night.

The beaches of Chloraka

Despite the resort status, there are few beaches in Chloraka. The coast here is rocky for almost its entire length, and the few hotels located near the coast sow the territory adjacent to the sea with grass. The sun loungers are actually on the lawn, after which a stone slab of natural origin begins, descending into the sea. And in hotels located in the depths of the village, you can relax by the pools.

The pebbly beach of St. George is located in the northern part of the village (GPS coordinates: 34.804280, 32.393794). This is the only place in Chloraka where you can more or less relax with children – the entry into the water is smooth, and there is a breakwater a few tens of meters away. Sunbeds are free, from entertainment – only a small bar. The rest of the coast is actually wild, without bars, sun loungers and umbrellas.

Cuisine and restaurants

Almost all eateries in the city are taverns with traditional Greek cuisine with an abundance of fish dishes. The most popular: fried shrimp in saganaki cheese sauce with potatoes and vegetables, grilled sea bass or sea bream, fish meze – a set of seafood appetizers. In addition to fish, you should try homemade sausages with coriander, stifado (beef in wine sauce with onions), lundza (smoked pork tenderloin) and, of course, kleftiko (baked lamb meat).

Dinner for one will cost an average of 25 EUR without alcohol. In addition to Greek, there are also Indian, Thai and Italian establishments in Chloraka. Fast food is represented by souvlak and snack bars, where you can have a bite of “gyros” or burgers for 5-10 EUR.

Sights in Chloraka

Chloraki is a beautiful village, but there are very few architectural sights here. Basically, these are churches, most of which were built in our time. But there are also a couple of old temples.

The church of Panagia Criseleous (GPS coordinates: 34.799444, 32.408889) dates from the 13th century. This is the oldest temple of the village, located in the center of Chloraka.

Built in the Byzantine style, the temple is famous for its unique icon depicting the baptism of Christ.

Literally 50 meters from Panagia Criseleousa stands the Church of Panagia Chrysomatusa (GPS coordinates: 34.799410, 32.408720). It was built in 1924 and reconstructed after the earthquake in 1959. The temple is especially revered by women who ask the local icon of the Virgin Mary to solve their health problems. In order for the requests to be heard, you need to remove the red ribbon behind one of the icons and hang in its place the same one bought in the church shop.

Chloraka, Cyprus

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