Coachella: Festival Acid Has Begun!

by | February 2, 2017

Coachella was founded in 1999 in Indio, California, and has since grown larger and larger. The festival in question offers music from genres such as rock, folk and pop, and every year attracted thousands of people to see the band perform. Some of the legends among others have visited the festival are Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork and Muse. The festival, however, is not only famous for its spectacular line-up, the festival has also become known for its bohemian, chic and trendy image. As well as Coachella for many is about music, it is also a place to find inspiration and shine with its festival style.

At the festival, we see a variety of people and the commotion, we can discern an occasional blogger or celebrity. This year, we have been able to glimpse Lisa Olsson, Angelica Blick and Kate Bosworth. But whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary mortal, there is always room and opportunity to show off your style. Below you can read about the festival two different styles, both equally hip and happening!

Where practical and tactical…

Is there anything more annoying than being soaking wet and freezing their asses off when standing and listening to their favorite band? Or when to give themselves away to the charming toilet area after a storm and the only thing you have on your feet is its cavernous Converse? We think in any case that there are better options! Why not go for a hefty rain jacket and a pair of rubber boots. Trendy and at the same time very practical. Match this with a thin sweater, a hat and a pair of shorts. With this style keeps you warm without overheating, and at the same time a high level trend!

Or chic and unique!

How often are you actually on the festival and some water is probably no one died of? Are you switch festival that goes by the motto YOLO and would “sparkle & shine” at the festival? Then maybe this style is for you. Match a pair of high denim shorts with singoallatoppen and then add suede jacket, hat, and last but not least the boots and you have scooped the ultimate boho-chic festival look.