Column: Too Many Choices. Too Little Opinion – Generation Slash

by | March 13, 2017

I have no style, rather a non-style, and if you ask me how I would describe this non-style, I would like to draw at least three slashes in the empty box and fill the rest with freely interpretable terms like “rap/riot grrrl/random”. That means so little as a gesauseltes in a drunken stupor “I can imagine a relationship with you” at the end, but at least feign myself and other decisiveness, and also self-knowledge. While I own at least by the former not the bean.

I despise what I like today, tomorrow and the other way around, it’s the same game since puberty. Da fish-eye-Daniela was filthy due to their pop-tight jeans by Bootcut top performers with Carpri Sun – hard knowledge every skeptics checkmate continued: half a year later all the nasty Brats were collectively in tubes-pants to the older guys over and Daniela held the Sceptre of the girl gang in the hand. Including the hottest type of the level. The normal run of things. Because we can not decide because we never really know what we want, say A today and tomorrow B. And because tend the win, quite unintentionally are the rest of the world a nose ahead, rather than those, who compulsively vie for recognition. Actually, I know that. And actually I want to be nothing more than myself. But I constantly lose myself, so that I can reinvent myself again and again.

I want me at all do not set, I was defending myself recently as I should explain my grandparents what I do here at all in this Berlin, and why I would actually ever so different look. “Och, always the same, that would be too boring.”  Or not. Because I’m tired. I will finally know who or what even the day after tomorrow as a freshly excited eighth graders feel, buy things for eternity, and invest in three favorite shoes rather than to die on the consumption binge. My soul would be grateful for a little bit more security, just like my account. Still there is no end in sight – the is so in fashion but also in life.

We are the generation of “Slash” and I’m right up to the top. “What machstn’ you actually do for a living?”-“EHM, writer slash DJ slash Unternehmensberarterin slash Social Media Manager slash blogger slash aufdersuche”. Question mark in my opponent, just like in my head. May be because ever so forth? Is the mass of possibilities blessing or curse? Have we forgotten how to give us and makes us the sick or creative? Here also say the an A and other B. I am saying: both. Because uncertainty makes sick only when we cease to believe in us.

Instead of us so in style definitions to practice, we should rely more on our own taste again and adjust outfits the day current feeling, instead of the latest trend. Rather than asking us whether a permanent position could possibly be the better way until retirement should we try out until we run out of the steam and do us is when the breasts still do not touch the belly button. From indecisiveness, experimentation must be fearing drive, shit gold. And with a bit of luck, we answer the question of style instead of using many slashes then in the future by all alone just yet with a succinct “as we like it.”

You can find the interview on the subject and the full contribution in the current news for original girls magazine.



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