Do We Have The Goodbye of The Line of Bath’s Victoria’s Secret?

by | June 7, 2017

No, it is not a joke. Victoria’s Secret is considering removing its line of bath. Although its origin was the lingerie, and of course, it is still his mainstay, the firm has evolved with other lines: bath, sport, beauty… And precisely that of bath has given many joys, but it seems that at present, economically not working them.

The company is evaluating to do a restructuring that would be in leave Victoria completo Secret Swim to focus on collections Sport, beauty & lingerie, In addition to Secret Pink, a line of proposals aimed at a younger target. When this change becomes a reality, it will produce at the end of the year, therefore the collection spring-summer 2016 would be the last bathroom, and therefore its expected catalog. Sharen Jester Turney, CEO of the company, said a few weeks ago that: “Swim has been my biggest disappointment due to the excessively complex parts”

So all those women addicted to their bathroom designs, likely to be the last summer who feel like Angels.