Dogs, Victims of The Postureo: and If We Could Buy Pets as If They Were Bags?

by | June 20, 2017

Pets are adorable, an Instagram photo with a cat or dog is more likely to receive hundreds of likes, but not you should be able to buy as if they were bags. To draw the attention of the I postureo the world fashion with animals, the online shop Lyst It has been offering its Web buy different dog breeds, sizes, colors, indicating how to combine them and what celebrities have them. As if they were to compete with the latest it bag.

The Canine collection It raised the ire of social networks and the RSPCA, the British Association which prevents cruelty to animals soon turned to Lyst to find out what was happening.

It was of a campaign of the firm to draw attention to the amount of people who buy small dogs “bag” and then abandons them. Now in the section Dogs You can read that dogs are not for sale, that dogs are for life, not for Instagram. The organized commotion, have managed to draw attention to this problem that affects some breeds of dogs, that are bought to be later abandoned.

The flirtation of fashion with animals comes from afar: Paris Hilton he boasted of chihuahua 10 years ago, the dog of Cara Delevingne It has been nothing less than in the front row of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld slub, Choupette, you have account on Instagram and at the beginning of the blog Lovely Pepa (named after a French bulldog) that monopolized both more flashes was the dog. But we must not forget that they are living beings, not a fashion accessory more.