Dress Code Jacket: What Does This Mean? and What Shall I Wear?

by | February 15, 2017

It’s time to crack the code…

It has landed an invitation to your brother’s wedding, a gala or just a flashy party. At the invitation reads: Dress Code Jacket.
With the invitation in your left hand and your smartphone in the right searching frantically for answers to what the dress code does.
Obsi end up in the top… You click and boom! Joke and side, let us crack this jacket with dress code once and for all.

First Things First

Before we kick off and crack the codes that Alan Turing and we’ll find out what this means to write as “blazer”.

The word here is a dress code and thus not what you put on. That is, you should not read Blazer and then immediately think that you can choose the jacket anywhere. Then we had not had to write a guide about it, right?

The same goes for the lady in your party. She will therefore not wear a jacket, but dress according to the dress code “blazer”. Messy.

What does the dress code jacket then?

Bluntly, this means the dress code for you to dress up for a fancy event. You can not choose a pair of dark jeans and favorite jacket.
You are expected to simply wear a suit that goes in the same color and shade.

How should you dress?

When the invitation is marked with a jacket, it is usually a formal event or celebration that apply. Usually a wedding, an anniversary or something similar.

You make sure the dressing in a dark suit. There are certain rules that you must conduct yourself to. Among other things, you need to wear bow tie or tie. The suit must always be in the same color and shade. A difference in color between the trousers and jacket can make your outfit will be incorrect.

Is the invitation to a party that is later than 18:00 you should wear black shoes and to a matching belt. Is the event earlier in the day, you can use brown shoes, but these should never be combined with a dark suit.

Darker suit = More formal

To easily understand what shade of costume you choose, you can assume that the formal party the darker the suit. Similarly, a white shirt most formal and less colored.

  • Suit : Always the same fabric and shade of trouser, jacket and vest (if you wear this).The darker the more formal.
  • Shirt : Here you can choose relatively freely. Whiter is more formal.
  • Shoes : Black shoes after 18.00. Brown shoes go well on the day but not to a dark suit.
  • Accessories : Tie or bow tie optional. Belt match the shoes. Clock is preferred. Read our guide: ” Match the clock with the outfit ” to see what kind of watch that fits the dress code jacket

Special rules and tips

There are some special rules and tips to make it all so complicated. If you go to a wedding, and it’s summertime, you can, for example, carry a lighter suit with brown shoes for the event is the day.
A suit can be made of silk or velvet. But even more classic as wool and linen is excellent.

On some special occasions is fine with local dress (not wedding).

What should you avoid at blazer dress code?

There are of course also things you should avoid completely. We have mentioned that brown shoes do not go to a dark suit ( check out our guide for a full track of which shoes to match the color of the suit ) and it is also impossible with brown shoes after the bell 18. In addition, tie and bow tie optional.

But there are more “no-nos”:
For example, you should never wear jeans. You can not, you’re on the job.
You can not put on a tweed jacket. While patent leather shoes or patent bag is something you do not take on when the jacket is.
Wear either never all black (as black shirt and answers costume) or pure white.

You should also avoid taking on your medals or awards. You certainly had never taken you your medal from the Stockholm Marathon, but your military exploits do not work here, sorry.

Is the wedding so avoid wearing pearl necklace because it can incorporate superstitious and symbolizes the tears (applies to most likely the lady).

Dress code jacket in English

When the British or Americans invites to the party so writes the “Business Casual” or “dark suit” when they mean Dress Code jacket.