(Ego) Blogger Which Is Points to The Fashion of Designing T-Shirts with Logos (Large Firms)

by | February 1, 2018

Trendy is that of wearing a t-shirt with a logo that imitates that of a large firm and play with him and the play on words. So much so that there has been saturation of logos of the style Feline, Homies, Ballin, Bucci or Panda. And now one of the egobloggers more in the moment is targeted to fashion to create a new tshirt of this style with the intention of petal.

We are talking about Julie’s Sincerely Jules, and thus presents it in your blog with your Celfie imitating the firm lyrics Celine. Nothing new apparently seen, but surely sells a handful of them (with all its repercussions and fans who have scattered around the world). If you are one of them you want it… TO pay $35.

  • Celfie, $35 shirt.