Fair Friday Vintage Purchases, 10 Vintage Classics & Small Gifts

The concepts „ vintage “ and „ second hand “ come fashion are thrown in connection with in the years like now and again messed up. Here, vintage must does not necessarily mean that the garment has been worn ever second hand pieces clearly refers to its previous owner. Only when items of clothing or accessories have at least 15 years under their belt, they may described technically as a vintage. A similar misunderstanding there is also on the Couture: once a designer is experimenting, constructed or unsustainable fashion shows the stamp is imposed on his designs immediately of “Haute Couture”. This one decorates itself again with a not entirely correct Siegelchen: because not every designer should part of this „ elite “, no, he needs the exquisite circle to the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” belong. These tailors Guild namely decides who should be there and who is not – and that each year’s new. Strict criteria must be met to be part. But we allow that, before we here still completely drift off at the end.

One vintage and Second-Hand pieces have in common though: are much more sustainable than their new produced friends, tell us stories from finest fashion eras or by their previous owners, and are moreover a good bit cheaper than newly acquired artefacts. Often just a certain magic that can not easily be copied inside fashion second hand – and we fair Friday took our opportunity, to join vestiaire collective, the platform for vintage fashion and second hand finds, a plea for more vintage to keep the top 10 investments list and you a small, fine selection of gift ideas , Little things for yourself or we say honestly „ my own wish list “ to put together:
According to the vintage experts, Elisa Motterle and Rossella Migliaccio these 10 pieces include, by the way the undisputed wishlist lovers:
10 vintage pieces, one should keep in mind:
Kelly Hermes Bag, large designer evening dresses, a Chanel timeless (classic), the Cartier tank, Martin Margiela tabi ankle boots , Hermes silver jewellery, a tuxedo jumpsuit by Saint Laurent, a Hermes Carre, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual date & a vintage belt.
© Versace fall / winter 1994
8 reasons, simply more often to vintage:
1 vintage = a declaration of love to the past:
Only a slight patina gives the Immaculate façade of charm and character, pah! For us, it’s the real secret of the vintage pieces. It is the exact opposite of flashy luxury; a declaration of love for the fashion and its history of an era for beauty and good craftsmanship.
2 vintage = trend independent
Vintage is considered more secure system for those who like to put on a personal note. It guarantees a variety of unique pieces that can be perfectly combined with current collections. Particularly in times of high street chains madness, is ’ s vintage is still the opportunity to truly stand out.
3 vintage investment =?
Did you know that the Birkin Bag is one of the most lucrative investment options? Clearly, you know that we finally here ever reported. It has namely a long-term study conducted over the last thirty years of the rating agency standard & poor’s found out. According to their analysis, the value of the famous Hermes is a bag more stable as the value of gold and the majority of all listed Wall Street shares. The same is true for jewelry, Chanel Handbags and many other treasures sought by collectors. Hear, hear.
4 vintage = full stories
Vintage fashion has it no need to invent stories, because each piece tells its own story, which makes it unique and valuable already: it was because the fashionable period brings her story to or which or the carrier * in helps you by patina and co history.
5 vintage synonymous with quality =?
That the average quality of clothes in the past was significantly higher than our today’s standards, is a repeatedly observed development in the apparel industry. At that time, garments for the duration were produced so much more time and care was invested in them. Fine fabrics, handmade surfaces, fine detail and exquisite setting are factors that are now increasingly rare (and higher priced). Also, 60s is considered a trend pioneer, eventually everything comes back at some point.
6 vintage more affordable fashion =
Let’s be honest: the high accessibility of many major brands is one of the decisive factors for the success of vintage fashion: vintage pieces are often much lower than the current collections in the price. Unless it opts for Hermes, then remains or increases the value under certain circumstances even.
7 vintage sustainable mode =
The textile industry uses large quantities of water and energy and emits numerous pollutants generated by the process of coloring and finishing of fabrics. In addition, the distribution on a global scale produces large amounts of Co2. Even the disposal of old clothes begins to be a problem for the planet. We must therefore not only name the advantages of vintage at this point. Second hand fashion is more environmentally friendly so for the simple reason, because it brings no new production and greatly reduces waste.
8 vintage mode for truffle pigs =
The purchase of vintage is not like visiting an ordinary boutique in downtown: it reminds even more on the hunt for treasure. And every shopping experience is different, so you never know on vintage fashion, what awaits us in the boutique. The thrill of discovery, the satisfaction, to gain something unique and the pleasure to own objects, which tell their own story, can contradict happier make to buy as the wardrobe of the bars.
Back to our small gifts Guide from the wonderful vestiaire collective universe:
1 Earrings by Marni for 69 Euro
2. Vintage Cartier Watch for 890 euros (for generous donor * Interior)
3. Vintage Earrings by YSL for 39 Euro
4th Bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana for 70 euro
5. Earrings by Céline for 84 euro
6 belt Louis Vuitton for 205 euro.
7 vintage bag from Céline for 280 euro
8 vintage bee brooch by Dior for 165 euro
9 pumps by Miu Miu for 79 euro.
10 cloth by Celine for 80 Euro
11 shoes by Celine for 300 Euro
– in friendly cooperation with vestiaire collective –