Fall Fashion 2016 Men – a Guide to the Year Most Stylish Season

by | February 13, 2017

Autumn gives us gray, blue, leather, collars and scarfs

Just as ruthlessly as when the alarm clock rings every morning will fall and relieving the fantastic summer. But to make this period a little easier to manage so we are deluged with new fantastic fashion. And let’s be honest, autumn clothes is undoubtedly the most handsome.

Our take

Here is a brief summary of what we feel are stylish and will become clear trends in the autumn of 2016. It is of course not all the different fashion houses presents, but let’s face it, the majority of the shows up on the catwalk looks bloody awful out. So we’ll just be a little selective and pick out what we think ordinary people will want to wear.

Autumn colors

The dominant colors in the fall will be gray (especially darker tones), and navy blue.

Here you will find some tips on how you can color match your outfits!

  • Colors that suits to blue
    • A guide to color matching clothes

Dressy men’s fashion autumn 2016

Here are five prominent trends in stylish fashion when it comes to Fall Fashion 2016 Men:

1: Rock music

The autumn (and winter) obvious outer garment is coat. This stylish garment you will see in all the shop windows, and on everyone’s shoulders.

2: A polo shirt

For the third year in a row seems turtleneck sweater to be fashionable. Still just as handsome a suit instead of the shirt.

3: Thin blue suits

In autumn it is blue and narrowly related, like the previous two years, actually. Obviously, even gray suits to be trendy since the autumn color is gray. But what we will see is predominantly blue.

4: Scarves

This forgotten accessory looks finally set to become household again. This autumn scarf the most important accessory, and you should invest in a patterned one.

Smart casual men’s fashion autumn 2016

Here are five prominent trends in smart casual when it comes to Fall Fashion 2016 Men:

1: The leather jacket

In recent years we have seen the leather jacket sniff at a top position among the autumn and spring fashion trends, but never really reached there. This fall will be a common sight, not quite a top ranking, but you do not have a leather jacket, it’s time to invest in one.

2: The coat

Rock music works just as well for you as running smart casual to dressy. Just be aware that if you are of the shorter stroke, you should avoid the wheel and drive on a pea coat instead. You get the same cut and material, but looks much farther out.

3: A polo shirt

Polo the jersey’s position is unchanged from last autumn. It’s perfect for a pair of chinos or jeans and a blazer.

4: Bomber jacket

Autumn 2015 was the year when the bomber jacket took us by storm. After almost 20 years of absence was back in full force. The entire spring drällde the bomb jackets and people have definitely not tired of them yet. It is a safe garments throughout the fall and guaranteed even in the spring.

5: Scarves

A patterned scarf to an otherwise monochrome outfit autumn is “icing on the cake i’et”. Think paisley gray jacket and a pair of gray-black jeans. Or a floral scarf in white with orange details to a navy out. Really nice.

Casual / Sports menswear autumn 2016

Here are four prominent trends in casual / sports-fashion  when it comes to Fall Fashion 2016 Men:

1: Joggers

Joggers is a garment we have not seen much of this in Sweden. One can explain them as a mix of suit pants and sweatpants. They are tighter than usual sweatpants and has a cut that looks much more dressy out. However, the fabric is still stretch mjukstyg. Comfortable and sure, it might be neat in certain outfits. However, probably nothing that the majority will run with.

2: Bomber jacket

As mentioned above, the bomber jacket just as obvious in autumn and spring. Just to drive quite easily.

3: Hoodie

This fall, you will want to invest in a really stylish hoodie. Gladly blue or gray.

4: White sneakers

As long as the weather permits, then white sneakers to continue their dominance. Invest in a little detergent and tools you will be able to keep them fresh well into November!



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