Fashion, The Great Festival of The Met and The Power of Anna Wintour Will Come Together in The Most Controversial Documentary Tribeca

by | June 5, 2017

The documentary The First Monday in May, which opened last Wednesday the Tribeca Film Festival it recounts the events that happened last year around the almost chaotic Gala de el Museo de Arte Metropolitan of New York, the MET. Only two weeks from the famous gala, Anna Wintour and her team met with a party without mounting and a night without organizing. What do? How to get out of the impasse? and Anna Wintour picked up his baton.

Anna Wintour leaving the Mark Hotel MET 2015 Gala road

The Gala of the Costume Institute of New York It is the private party in which the editor of Vogue USA makes and undo at will every year. It’s your party. She invites, organize, move chairs and choose the smallest detail of decoration.

“The Met Ball is like the Super Bowl of the social events of fashion” André Leon Talley

“The Met Ball is like the Super Bowl of fashion social events” he says in the video André Leon Talley, former editor of Vogue and Anna right Darling. “Is like a Fellini film” says Madonna. What is undeniable is that American fashion magazine-steel woman knows how to take advantage to one of the nights more media in the world of fashion, since since 1999 take command of the gala, the proceeds derived from it and aimed at the Costume Institute of the Museum Metropolitan of New York have broken historical records.

The documentary stresses arising unforeseen events to organize an event of such magnitude, such as where to sit to the new star of the moment or how much it is necessary to paying Rihanna to the singer attend dinner.

“It may not seem a Chinese restaurant”, Anna Wintour says in the documentary, who last year also wanted to prevent the possible racist accusations arising from the theme chosen for the gala.

A little less one month of the next Ball MET – this will take place on May 2 -the documentary return to planting the hackneyed question about whether fashion is art. Some figures such as Karl Lagerfeld and Galliano argue that Yes, it is not, while Anna Wintour for the cultural side of the event out to shine. Proof of this are the more than 800 thousand visitors coming to the last exhibition “China: Through The Looking Glass”, which exceeded even the figures registered by dedicated to McQueen.

“Manus by Machina: Fashion in an Age of Techonology”it is the title of the exhibition and the gala this year. The influence of technology in fashion will be reflected in the event that will feature godfathers of the likes of Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and the design director for Apple, Jonathan Ive. A great cover letter for a great night, no doubt.