Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli Leave Calvin Klein. Sounds for Raf Simons River?

by | June 6, 2017

The River was very calm… Up to a few minutes ago. The reason? Calvin Klein It has issued a statement to the media reporting that their designers Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli left mark. And alarms have jumped again: is the? opportunity to Raf Simons to return to design for another firm that is yours after your departure at Dior? Where are the ancient? Creative Directors? This is only the beginning. It begins #GameOfThrones (version fashion).

While Costa was the Creative Director of the collection of women, Zucchelli was in charge of the male part. And apparently the firm wants to unify all the work in a Creative Director himself, causing his departure have sense? In the words of Steve Shiffman, Executive President of the firm,

This creative strategy marks the beginning of a new chapter for the legacy of Calvin Klein since the departure of Mr. Klein. I’d like to thank Franciso and Italo for his unwavering commitment to the brand and its achievements over the past decade. Both have immensely helped make Calvin Klein, a world leader in the industry, and have done so with dedication, concentration and creativity.

With its reverse bets coincide in the same name: Raf Simons. Since his departure from Dior last October 2015, there are many who have speculated on this new signing – Jared one of them. It appears that we have soap opera for a while.

Who will be chosen?