Fuerteventura, La Palma and La Gomera

Fuerteventura – the island for surfers and sun worshipers

Fuerteventura Attractions

The Canary Island Fuerteventura is particularly known for its beautiful beaches. 150 kilometers of beaches line the Atlantic coast. No wonder that the second largest island in the Canaries is considered the ultimate bathing paradise . Turquoise blue water and fine sandy beach attract visitors to the island of eternal spring. With year-round temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, nothing speaks against a beach holiday in winter. You can find picturesque beaches especially in the north of the island. Flag Beach is one of the most popular. Surfers and bathers alike are drawn here. For snorkeling you have to go to El Puertito bay on the island of Isla de las Lobos. You can find more magical beaches in all other regions of Fuerteventura . In the east these are, for example, the beaches of Caleta de Fustes. In the south, the beaches stretch for many kilometers. Cofete beach is considered one of the most popular with vacationers. The beaches and bays of Costa Calma are in the southwest and provide the perfect holiday feeling. Since the west consists mainly of cliffs, you will find many black beaches with pebbles here. The surf ensures ideal surfing conditions. Under surfers Fuerteventura is already labeled as the “European Hawaii” known. For real experts, the Punta de la Tinosa in the north of the island is paradise, where they meet gigantic waves. Those looking for a change from sunbathing should head to the southern Jandia peninsula. Here you can hike in the nature reserve Parque Natural and enjoy the landscape. In the resort there is also the small fishing village of Morro Jable with a beautiful harbor. Another holiday center is Corralejo in the north of the island. A highlight is the old town. There is good Spanish food in various restaurants. You can enjoy the nightlife in one of the bars. A wide variety of shops are available for shopping. The cities of the island are ideal for getting to know the country and its people. The island’s sensations are its dream beaches.

La Palma – the green island

La Palma Attractions

If you are planning a vacation on La Palma , don’t forget your walking shoes! With its rugged landscape and numerous hiking trails, the Canary Island is a paradise for hikers. In some places it reaches a height of over 2,400 meters. La Palma is known as the rainiest and greenest Canary Island. You hike over gorges and climb volcanoes. A highlight of your excursions is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park with its many streams and waterfalls. The entire area emerged from a huge volcanic crater which is home to the highest mountains in La Palma. From up there you have an amazing view. The viewpoints Mirador de La Cumbrecita and Mirador del Time provide you with equally beautiful views. If you can’t get enough of panoramic photos, hike along the coast. Laurel and pine forests, banana plantations and dragon tree groves give the island its green character. La Palma is also home to exotic fruits and numerous plants that only occur here. If you want to refresh yourself after a strenuous mountain tour, you can do so in the natural swimming pool La Piscina Charco Azul south of San Andrés. In addition, the little-visited black beaches invite you to a relaxed and quiet beach holiday.

La Gomera – the hiking paradise

La Gomera Attractions

La Gomera is less of a focus for large tourist crowds. According to ethnicityology, the second smallest Canary Island has two things that have made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List . On the one hand there is the Garajonay National Park , which with an area of ​​almost four hectares takes up ten percent of La Gomera, and on the other hand there is the indigenous whistling language Silbo gomero. The Garajonay National Park is a European bird sanctuary and can be adorned with the most beautiful laurel forests of the Canary Islands. You can expect a unique vegetation with an incredible attraction. In the middle of the national park is the mountain Alto de Garajonay , which gives you an amazing view. Another natural phenomenon is that Los Órganos natural monument . The special feature: The rock face looks as if there are a lot of organs lined up on top of it. The municipality of Valle Gran Rey is also a tourist magnet . The place is located in a ravine and is populated with palm trees. At the foot of the gorge you can lie down on the beach with black fine sand. You should enjoy the beach feeling here because there aren’t many beaches on La Gomera. On the coast you will find beautiful bays that invite you to linger. Also worth seeing on La Gomera are the capital San Sebastián and the historic Agulo.

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