FW Notes: Malaikaraiss F/W 2017 Red Stockings, Pink Accents & The Most Beautiful Fronwrow

by | March 27, 2017

Notes and thoughts to the shown just autumn/winter collection of MALAIKARAISS, which bears the name of no. 13.



It was the year of 2010, as we, the redhead bundle of energy behind the German label “MALAIKARAISS”, for the first time met. Since we do not pursue their fashionable machinations at every step, sympathize with when the next deadline and are exactly for this reason also always a bit emotional when fashion week in wings:


Track list by dr. Atmosphere:
1 IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (atmo edit) – o.s.t.


The location:

The new city Palace, equipped with a mirror installation by Amir Abadi.
Industrial cool, impressively spacious and at the same time restrained enough, to be the perfect stage of the fashion:

The show itself worked through the choreography as a gigantic art installation, furnished with bobbing fabrics and pink-red Splodges:

First impression:

For years, we already have moment travel and hardly a German designer is so successful in commercial terms. Just think of this sweater or all the wonderful pieces of jewelry that ensure tangible – and portable to make the mark. Again and again, the styling of the show is style characteristic and so it was that I remained before a few seasons about quite fond of cowboy boots. This time, it was the cracker pantyhose as we discovered it recently also at Balenciaga, I just saved me from memory. A bit scared I was however too. A red flower Sprint to a pink that even Barbie would have been jealous? Well, I don’t know. Yes, Yes, one of my seat neighbors applauded while I waited for the big Wow moment, to see a look that I prefer just would have gone home. He didn’t come. Objectivity was required now, finally i’ve eaten the style itself not with spoons and there are probably only a few who would like to pillage my own wardrobe. Intellectually, I ripped so the shown from the context and already tried to combine a few of the pieces very differently. Might work. But doesn’t have it. Malaika want to be despite all the colours never loud. She want to reinvent the wheel. But make clothes for women who are addicted to as well as the longing to make free of all conventions of sentimentality. But not just by aufmüpfiges Onel. „ Can just go and just not distract “, fits much more as a credo.

The Frontrow:

More than 200 guests attended the show, including top model Eva Padberg, actresses such as Fritzi Haberlandt, Lavinia Wilson, Violetta and Lea van Acken, as well as style heroine blogger Evangelie Smyrniotaki:

In Malaikaraiss:

Two favorite pieces at once: A cream knitted dress plus wool jacket – both comes from the current collection. Many of the Malaikaraiss are available in the sale just by the way.

Sarah Jane, however, was wearing a pants suit – should she venture much more frequently, if you ask me:


Black knee-length socks to Hazel peep toes:
Red Socks, no matter when and why: A heart for Daydream Believers: is pink and wild and wonderful: strapless ladylike and still a rebel:

The entire collection:

The idea behind it :

Non mis kon for mus, noun [the] – one setting or attitude that is independent and free from the prevailing opinion.

„ The time is now – women break away from the socially as fashionable imposed corset, to free any constricting labels of our time. Instead, they live their femininity, shy away from no emotions, but celebrate their feelings, dare to be vulnerable, without the sentimentality. This principle has become to own the designer of Malaika Raiss in the creative process of their new FW17 collection.

MALAIKARAISS breaks according to the connotation of the number thirteen in their thirteenth collection wanted with the symbolism of wholeness, harmony, purity, and presents the constructed, confident feminine designs. Thus, the designer marks a turning point for women who break out of the promoted perfection and fashion as a statement, equal to an armor, understand. “


I’m missing a little bite, more finesse, and uniqueness. A young label must arrive finally against the big, nasty chains, a specific question from a designers perspective of my opinion is therefore essential: „ why should you buy my creations, instead of COS or & other stories do to take, what triggers them the infamous do-want to factor? “ Ebenjener was honestly for me not always clear he point of view bar. And I’m not saying that because I like to be mean. It’s because I believe in the German fashion. And because I hope I me quite generally a bit more courage and attitude.

P.S.: of the approaching summer I was incidentally very done. „ beaches “ the collection, which will be available soon.