Gabon 1999

Yearbook 1999

Gabon. As a result of the December 1998 re-election of President Omar Bongo, the government was reformed in January. Visit Countryaah official website to get information about the capital city of Gabon. Former Prime Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Jean-François Ntoutoume Emane, was appointed new Prime Minister. He is one of the president’s closest confidants, with more than 20 years of government experience, and led Bongo’s reelection campaign.

Map of Gabon Libreville in English

Land area 267,667 km²
Total population 2.230.908
Population density (per km²) 8.3
Capital Libreville
Official language French
Income per capita $ 18,100
Currency CFA franc BEAC
ISO 3166 code GA
Internet TLD .ga
License plate G
Telephone code +241
Time zone UTC + 1
Geographic coordinates 1 00 S, 11 45 O

The ongoing fighting in neighboring Congo-Brazzaville led to increased refugee flows into Gabon during the latter part of the year, which requested assistance from the UN to cope with the reception. At least 10,000 Congolese came across the border in no time.

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