Grenada 1999

Yearbook 1999

Grenada 1999

Grenada. Visit Countryaah official website to get information about the capital city of Grenada. The New National Party government, NNP, won a landslide victory in the general election on January 18, thereby becoming the first party in Grenada to win two consecutive elections since parliamentary democracy was re-established in 1984. NNP received 62.2% of the vote and thus won all 15 seats in Parliament. The National Democratic Congress got 24.9% and the Grenada United Labor Party 11.6% of the vote, but none of those parties got any seats in parliament.

  • Also see to see the acronym of GRD which stands for Grenada and other definitions of this 3-letter abbreviation.

Map of Grenada Saint George's in English

In November 2003, there were elections for 9 seats in parliament. The NNP lost 7 to the Liberal Democratic Congress, but won the 8th, thus retaining the majority – with a margin of 100 votes.

In September 2004, the country was hit by Hurricane Ivan. It cost 34 people their lives. The leaders of Caricom asked for a moratorium on Grenada’s foreign debt to enable reconstruction in the face of the natural disaster. The government of Grenada estimated that 5,000 families had lost their homes. Only 1 in 10 houses remained intact.

In April 2007, Grenada, together with a number of other Caribbean states, hosted the World Cricket Cup. The tournament was held in Grenada’s new national stage, which had been built by 400 Chinese workers and a $ 40 billion grant. US $ after Hurricane Ivan. At the inauguration of the Chinese-funded stage, Taiwan’s national tune was accidentally played. It cost several senior Grenadine officials their jobs.

In June 2007, Prime Minister Mitchell was summoned to court in the United States after Charles Howland of Massachusetts accused Mitchell of receiving $ 1 million. US $ in bribe from fraudulent Eric Resteiner. The bribe had to be done so that Resteiner could get a diplomatic post. As a diplomat, Resteiner allegedly stabbed Howland with over $ 30 million. US $.

The July 2008 parliamentary elections were won by the opposition NDC, which gained 7 seats more than the sitting government party. New Prime Minister became PDC’s Tillman Thomas.

The NDC government suffered a stinging defeat as it lost all 11 seats in parliament in the February 2013 parliamentary elections. In return, NNP gained all seats in parliament: 15. NNP’s Keith Mitchell became new prime minister. The result was a consequence of the country’s bizarre British-inspired electoral system. With only 58.8% of the votes, the NNP took all seats, while the NDC with 40.7% of the votes got no seats.

A prisoner on death row in late 2013 turned his death sentence into life imprisonment. The hallway was thereby emptied. The death sentence was handed down in 2002. The most recent execution took place in 1978. Human rights organizations are continuing to work on the press country to procure the death penalty.

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