Hotels in Krabi

This page lists the areas in Krabi that are best for your hotel or other accommodation in terms of location and services. In addition, the best and most liked hotels and other accommodation in these areas are presented.

If the desired accommodation is not found among the presented ones, more options can be found on the lower map, which shows the remaining hotels with prices.

Price and availability

In Krabi, as elsewhere in Thailand, prices vary enormously, even in a small area. The travel season is from November to April, with the busiest visiting times being late December, early January and the last two weeks of February.

Krabi can be obtained from any room without air conditioning or private bathrooms starting at less than 10 euros, ie 200-300 bahtilla can get a guest house, a room or a bed in the hostel. Normal hotel rooms cost around 400 baht upwards during the season, but if you want an air-conditioned room, one is usually more expensive. A well-loved air-conditioned room from a good hotel or guesthouse can be obtained for less than 15 euros, and for 500 baht you can get a room from a hotel in Krabi Town or Ao Nang, for example. Finer hotelsof course they cost more, and the most expensive are the Holiday Villages in Railay or other remote places. They are well-equipped and first-class in every way, and even if the room costs between € 80 and € 120, you get very different value for money than in Europe.

You can always get a room from Krabi even at short notice, but if you are traveling during busy times, you should book a room at least a month in advance. The busiest times are during the last week of December, the first week of January, or the last two weeks of February. If you are specific about your accommodation or would like a specific hotel or area, you should make a reservation a couple of months in advance.

Hotels in Krabi

Hotel and accommodation tips in Krabi town

City Hotel Krabi

(Soi 10 15 / 2–4)

Great location, 3-star unbeatable value hotel, spacious and suitable for almost anyone. You can get a room for less than 20 euros, but this large hotel has all kinds of rooms and also Family Rooms for up to four people. The hotel’s location is unbeatable, being between the main street (Maharat Road) and the seafront, opposite the market hall and next to the side entrance of the Vogue department store. Stops for access to Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara, Ao Luek, bus station and airport are close by and this is a good place to stay for those who want to travel around the public to Krabi

9th House

(9/9 Chaofa Road)

A well-kept small family-run hotel right next to the promenade, close to the harbor and many good restaurant and shopping streets. The owners have been described as friendly and helpful, and the cleanliness of the hotel has received much praise. The harbor is close by, the promenade is particularly easy to explore from the hotel and there are several good restaurants and nightclubs within a short distance. Shopping is also a few hundred meters away, and there are a couple of good shopping blocks right next to the hotel.

Lada Krabi Express

(Maharat Road 90/17)

Located on the corner of the main street, this small, well-liked two-star hotel offers good value for money. There is a stop right downstairs with quick access to Noppharat Thara and Ao Nang, and the best shopping spots in Krabi town are next door. The area is busier than some other blocks of downtown, but this is an easy place to move around and close to all possible amenities.

Ao Nang

Addonotresort Aonang

(Ao Nang beach)

If you want to be close to everything, close to the liveliest and best parts of Ao Nang and the beach but in a quiet place, this resort is the right choice. A well-liked and value-for-money accommodation with a week or two of hassle-free and paradisiacal conditions. Shopping, nightlife, restaurants and bus stops are close by, and the taxi service takes you quickly and anytime you want to leave. Swimming pool and airport shuttle are included, and although this is a well-equipped resort, it is still a smaller family hotel.

Ananta Burin Resort

(166 Moo 3)

A four-star resort near the border of Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara, well suited not only for families with children but also for all those who want to be close to the beach, swim in the pool and be next to the services but in a quiet location. The rooms are large, the breakfast has been praised and the kids have liked the pool to slide.

Aonang Sunset Hotel

(268 Moo 2)

Right next to the beach and Noppharat Thara, this 3-star hotel features a swimming pool, fitness center and a hearty breakfast. Many have only spent a couple of three nights here, but the hotel also visits for a couple of weeks. Value for money is right, and many of Ao Nang’s best restaurants and shops are close by. There is some nightlife within a few hundred meters, and there are most rooms for 1 to 3 people.

Noppharat Thara

Tip Anda Resort

(79/45 Moo 3)

Located on the side of Noppharat Thara but close to the shops and beach of Ao Nang, this resort is a very popular 2-star hotel and should be booked well in advance. The facilities are good, the swimming pool is relevant, breakfast is plentiful and all amenities are a short distance away. Although everything is close by, the location is quiet and noiseless.

Loma Place

(68/11 Moo 5)

A two-star resort near the road from Noppharat Thara to Krabi town, close to the paradise-like Noppharat Thara promontory. There are the best beaches in the area and close to the harbor, from where you can get the most varied sea excursions and also move to the islands. There are some restaurants very close by, and along Noppharat Thara’s promenade you can walk to Ao Nang in half an hour. The city of Krabi is easily reached by open platforms that run right next door. The hotel has been praised for its cleanliness, comfortable beds and various services, including moped rental and laundry services.


Tonsai Bay Resort

(18 Moo 2)

An affordable 3-star resort on Hat Ton Sai Beach, where it’s easy to enjoy some of Railay’s best. The center is close to some of the best places to spend the night in the area, and there are also cheap restaurants and cafés on offer at Ton Sai. While everything important is close by, the hotel is a quiet and relaxing place where you can well spend a couple of three nights or a weekly walk. The hotel mainly has rooms for 1-2 people.

Railay Princess Hotel & Spa

(145/1 Moo 2)

On the east side of Railay, near a floating pier, a four-star resort that on expensive Railay feels affordable. The hotel has two swimming pools, a fitness center and a highly acclaimed breakfast. The hotel is in a quiet location, but there are plenty of restaurants nearby and you can also quickly walk to the west side of the island, where the best beaches are. The hotel has hardly been criticized at all, but there are really only rooms for 1-2 people.

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