How Recycling Your Garment Passes and Turn Them into Trendy

What looks like an arduous task in Jezebel wish become pecata minuta. Every season fashion said in where out, long where short, short which maxi and rouge where nude and us into a spiral fashionista strange that if we neglect threw our credit card spending without background. Every change of season, review of trends and season we were in a State of continuous interrogation we throw away, buy, or keep?  Recycle!

My proposal today, How to recycle seasons clothing past and make them of rabid trend. Because fashion, If cheap, twice fashion.


Around your neck

Grab your blouse, shirt or sweater of all life, your basic without which you can not or do not want to live and add the fashionista touch of the  removable necks. With that I show you, of Zara fall winter 2010 / 2011 achieve a sophisticated and masculine touch.


Details of hair

Do not hesitate, this is the winter of skin on skin. With these fur mittens synthetic you can update by little all garments of past seasons, as coats, jackets even jerseys, with the raging trend of 2011.


Trendy accessories

Add-ins have never been less accessories now. One of my favorites and that gradually will become hollow in our streets, are the glasses 50´s or Butterfly. It doesn’t matter if your coat is vintage, minimalist or working. With these goggles you will do to their own shadow Olivia Palermo.

Sun or see? The choice is yours.



It accompanies your boring lazers, your cardigans, your eternal cardigans with a garment that will make the difference if you are a follower of fashion or are in the vanguard. I speak of the long skirts.

What is what defines the look of the latest trend of? Miroslava Duma? Why know that it corresponds to this season?… in effect, by the Maxi skirt.