How Wax Man a Jacket? – a Guide in 5 Steps

by | December 20, 2016

It’s time to get to know you a little handy, and English

If you like classic English fashion then you have either a waxed jacket at home, or you have anyway been thinking about buying one. Believe us, they are a good buy, and it is a garment that will always keep clean in terms of style, precisely because it is about functional elegance.

But a waxed jacket requires maintenance, no prohibitively so clear, but I recommend that you wax on the jacket once a year, preferably in early autumn when it’s time to pull out of the closet.

The natural question that follows is so clear, “But how to wax a jacket? Do I submit it?” No, it is easily done at home on the balcony. Here is a simple guide in 5 steps on how to proceed to wax jacket itself.

1: Buy wax

Wax jacket found at such Outnorth, they have a classic: Barbour Wax Dressing Thor Proof  that works like clockwork for all types of waxed jackets.

2: Clean the jacket

Before applying the wax, you must first clean the jacket. This is best done with a clean sponge (one of those with a yellow and a green side) and ice-cold water. Use the sponge softer side and brush away impurities from the jacket.

3: Prepare the wax

Add the wax in a bowl of any kind and set the bowl in a warm water, not boiling water. After about 15-20 minutes you should have melted the wax.

4: Apply the wax

Take another sponges (a new and fresh) and iron gently on the wax on the jacket. Be extra ACCURATE at seams and other places where the jacket worn the most.

5: Heat Dry jacket

Finally, now is the time to take up the hairdryer and gently wipe the wax with hot air. This gives the jacket a really lovely and slightly glossy finish.

So there, now you have a nyvaxad jacket!

Can you not read?

As always, we have an alternative way to access information and learn wax jacket. Check out this super pretentious video of Lark.