In The Fashion Week or at a Polo Match, Fendi Is Present

We know that we we have a garment it when it presents different together trends. That’s what this season a dress that triumphs above the rest: signs Fendi, dresses of velvet and decorated floral embroidery. What more can you ask? That is adapted to all possible events, and watching the duel of styles of today, this is the case.

Who wears it with more grace?

Made in Italy, this design is dressed in velvet and decorate concon branches of mink hair on cotton lapis lazuli. His neck is round and comes with sleeves, elastic waist, V-neckline in the back and flared skirt. While Chiara Ferragni wore it to attend to the Milan fashion week, Sara from Collage Vintage this weekend has led him to go see the Polo Classic Event with Veuve Clicquot.

Adapted to all styles

Taken from the collection autumn-winter 2016 / 2017 of the Italian firm, this dress can also look with high boots and belt – as we saw in gateway. It is a garment that fits all styles and it blends with the roll of every one who wears it. The key to success is to provide something else, something that makes it different from the other looks.

By Kendall Jenner

One of the first to wear it was no other than the model Kendall Jenner. The reason? She is the only main character of the autumn-winter 2016 campaign / 2017 of Fendi, and this piece was one of those selected to photograph. And Yes, the sister of the Kardashian-Jenner takes him like a glove – for what lie-.