Jacket for Cyclists in The Future, a Luxurious Collaboration between Google and Levi’s

by | June 28, 2017

The Levi’s-Google partnership It paid off: together have created a Smart jacket, connected, that unites the best of denim woven with conductive fibers. The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket It is made of thinking of urban cyclists. It’s a normal jacket, with a minimalist design, but with textiles controls in cuffs and back for instant services such as music or maps, two things that we needed when we go by bike.

The jacket You can wash it in the washing machine, since the electronic components are stored in a small label that may become. Touch certain areas of the jacket you can manage it and control it, and there is the truly revolutionary of the garment, which tissue has become a fabric intelligent, thanks to the threads and alloys that form an interactive textile surface, which can lead to many more possibilities of Smart future clothing.

If you’re impatient to get a jacket so you must know that not reach stores until spring of 2017, and that the price will be slightly higher than normal jackets of Levi´s but it won’t be much more expensive.