Jezebel in London. Next Station: Streetstyle and Trends… Which Will Arrive?

!God save London! Paraphrasing the Sex Pistol, in Jezebel We have returned excited land Vivianne Westwood, Savile Row, or Paul Smith… all of them between my designers and favorite streets in the world to walk, shoppinear and carry high the gullet emulating the lords seeking his suit tailored near Regent´s Street.

I have already spoken of the main protagonists of the event of Levis that we go, presentation of its models Levis curve ID, especially Pixie Geldof y Alexa Chung and today we want to tell you the screenplay written by the secondary characters, the streetstyle that encounter us, models, it unknown girls and population fashion of London who attended the event in a kind of meeting which seemed to have a single password from step: I’m cool, I’m bella/bello.

The blond in long hair with or without bangs, no doubt were the protagonists of the track. I don’t know why but the prevailing style reminded me to Sharon Tate and her mane and sixties look. But girls attention, while it seems that limply and smooth long hair are the most atusan in this country, in London the trend goes through other ways, what I would call the tousled carding, smooth front and a real tangle of “ I just lift which sleeping beauty “ when what you see is the neck.

Along with the 70’s without a doubt the prevailing trend already in the streets of the Thames and in particular in the event of Levis were the 1950s, not in its nuance Louis Vuitton, I am a friend of Doris Day and Dior dummy, but in his version “ Danny Zucko is my boyfriend & #8221;.

The years 50 more rockers were everywhere with Isolee between male gender, and sometimes also some femina, who seemed just output a sulfate of Beety Boop.

Several hats they were the head of the place, especially those with male reminiscences and much Bowler Hat, in women of course. It seems that the borsalinos there is already water last, at least as far as the Womenswear is concerned.

Touch 50, which together with the 1970s are the favorite decades of land of the pound. It isn’t I just exit Grease prom party?

In the case of boys, long forelock and reminiscences of Moontgomery Clift or James Dean. This group was the most cool of the place, in on his levis, doc martens and much pose. Do you think that at some point we will see our men in such manner?

Florence Welch’s group Florence and the machine, also a walk by the place was with her carrot hair and dress her Provençal.

It seems that Hat Boater that I wrote a while ago was not to your liking, but in London not only flooded the streets but makes it! among the male population!.