Kingsman: 2 Errors and a Misunderstanding in the Stylish Movie

by | December 2, 2018

In a climate that mixes homage and parody of spy films, especially the classic long James Bond, Kingsman was released in 2014 with a successful career in the cinemas that earned the director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) the right to direct a sequel expected for July of this year.

Kingsman 2 Errors and a Misunderstanding in the Stylish Movie

Based on the comic book The Secret Servicecreated by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, Kingsman shows the work of an agency supersecreta of intelligence and espionage that recruits the troubled son of one of his former agents (Taron Egerton) to face a global threat triggered by, of course, is an eccentric evil genius, lived it in a fun way by Samuel L Jackson.

The large balcony of Kingsman was to redeem the whole mood of the spy films of the 60’s, including its soundtrack, but the big highlight is the costume coming straight from Saville Row, the street of the best tailors in the Uk, especially the costumes of the always brilliant Colin Firth who lives the agent with the code name of Sir Galahad, always impeccably elegant.

If you haven’t watched Kingsman, I advise that you do it as long as before, the film is great fun and really gets points in the question style, without any doubt! But even the best productions, give their escorregadas and in this case we have a big one because it refers to the sentence the most famous of a long time!!

The errors in Kingsman

At any given time Galahad (Firth) shows for Eggs (Egerton) the location where are stored the costumes and the weapons of the agents of Kingsman – ironically a hidden room in a tailoring in Saville Row – explaining that the ideal footwear for a gentleman is the oxford (that I agree) and that this is the name given to any formal shoe with open lacing”.

A few days ago I published a post talking about the open lacing and closed lacing (which can be read here) and some attentive readers were intrigued with the fact that my description didn’t match with what was said in the movie. Well, it happened because the movie is wrong! Someone switched the balls: perhaps the actor has switched closed by the open or even the writer has mistaken, it may even be an error originated in the comics and that no one decided to check, but the truth is that never a oxford would have open lacing, the mooring system of the footwear is clearly closed, unlike the derby which lace passes through two flaps that open to accommodate the instep of the foot with more comfort.

Incidentally, is it possible to cite more a misunderstanding: to say that an oxford is any formal shoe with open lacing” is to ignore that there are versions of casual footwear and even so, they cease to be oxfords.

The misunderstanding

After watching Kingsman a sentence is written on the head: “Oxfords, not brogues”! The phrase is a sort of password of the secret organization, and has been translated as “oxfords, not brogues”, which is not exactly incorrect, but it leaves room for wrong interpretations, because I have seen people using the phrase to characterize brogues as a type of shoe or a type of oxford, when only about of the holes decorative that can be present in any men’s shoe leather, something that is very well explained on the screen, but people seem to ignore.

I would say that “oxfords without brogues” would be a translation more faithful to the initial idea.

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