Konstantinovy ​​Lazne, Czech Republic

Konstantinovy ​​Lazne is a resort town in the Czech Republic, located 120 km from Prague and 60 km from Karlovy Vary at an altitude of 510 m above sea level. It is located in the famous resort triangle “Karlovy Vary – Marianske Lazne – Frantiskovy Lazne”. According to petwithsupplies, Konstantinovy ​​Lazne is one of the largest cities in Czech Republic.

Nature and a calm atmosphere help to relax and promote quality rest and treatment. Picturesque nature, complemented by cozy residential buildings and small pavilions with mineral springs, distinguishes Konstantinovy ​​Lazne from other Czech resorts. An obligatory point of the program for vacationers is a visit to one of the restaurants serving the incomparable herbal liqueur Konstantin.

How to get there

You can get to the resort either through Prague or through Karlovy Vary. Flights from Moscow to Prague and Karlovy Vary are carried out daily by Aeroflot and Czech Airlines, the flight time is a little less than 3 hours.

Further to Konstantinovy ​​Lazne can be reached by train or bus. By train, the journey takes 1.5–2 hours, the ticket price varies from 180 to 220 CZK, by bus – an hour and 130 CZK..

Treatment in Konstantinovy ​​Lazne

The spa town Lazne was founded in the 16th century next to the sulfur spring of the same name, where patients with ailments of the cardiovascular system, rheumatism and problems with the digestive system were successfully treated. In 1837, the resort Lazne was bought by Prince Konstantin von Lowenstein, after whom the health resort was later named. Gradually, the resort developed, new buildings were built, hotels and sanatoriums were opened.

In 1837, the resort Lazne was bought by Prince Konstantin von Lowenstein, after whom the health resort was later named.

Since 1955, the main specialization of Konstantinovy ​​Lazne is the diagnosis, treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and recovery after treatment. It also successfully treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system, metabolic disorders.

The healing methods used here are based primarily on the natural healing properties of mineral carbonic water, which is heated to +34 ° C and used for baths. Compared to other spas in the Czech Republic, the mineral water of Konstantinovy ​​Lazne has a unique composition with the highest content of carbon dioxide (3638.0 mg/l). The so-called dry carbon dioxide baths are also used here, and carbon dioxide is used for subcutaneous gas injections.

Entertainment and attractions

The surroundings of Konstantinovy ​​Lazne are excellent for walking tours used for the rehabilitation treatment of spa patients. More than 80 km of hiking trails lead to such historical monuments as the ruins of the castles Krasikov, Gutstein, Falkenstein.

The castle in Bezdruzhitsy, built in the Renaissance, is famous for its amazing murals. Its main attraction is the scene of the birth of Christ depicted on glass. We also recommend a walk to the castle in Matenin, the pearl of the Czech Baroque, the monasteries in Teplá and Kladruby, the Kladské peatlands nature reserve and other natural and historical monuments.

Strzybro is no less popular – part of the ancient city wall and a beautiful tower that have survived to this day. There is also a 13th-century Franciscan monastery, which houses a museum dedicated to the mining of lead and silver. In the vicinity of Stříbro, there are hiking trails with a tour of buildings related to mining.

Cultural events

Konstantinovy ​​Lazne hosts several annual events worthy of attention. In May, the solemn opening of the spa season takes place, during which healing springs are consecrated. In July, in the spa park, the “Symposium of stonemasons” is held, and in August – the convention of wood carvers.

Perhaps the resort’s most notable event is the Nordic Walking World Championship. This sport (or even recreation) began to gain popularity in the 1990s and every year attracts more and more people.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a football field, volleyball courts, tennis courts and mini golf. In summer you can rent mountain bikes and in winter you can play table tennis, curling or petanque. Mushroom pickers will also be happy – in the surrounding forests you can perfectly “hunt”.

Weather in Konstantinovy ​​Lazne

The climate in the area of ​​the resort Konstantinovy ​​Lazne is temperate: winters are warm and humid (average temperature from 0 to -5 °C), summers are warm (about +20 °C). Precipitation is 500–700 mm per year. In general, the natural and climatic conditions of the resort have a healing effect throughout the year, and the health resorts of Konstantinovy ​​Lazne work all year round.

Konstantinovy ​​Lazne, Czech Republic

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