Kuopio Travel Guide

Kuopio is the most beautiful holiday town in Eastern Finland. Kuopio is an easy travel destination with beautiful nature sites and a relaxed life. Kuopio is the pole of the world – at least for the Savoans themselves. Kallavesi’s beautiful scenery and other city attractions also offer a lot to see for the tourist as well.


Savo city atmosphere in Kuopio

Kuopio, located in Eastern Finland, is known for its relaxed way of life, the tall Puijo Tower and, of course, the famous fish flowers. The city is a great domestic destination, offering not only great shopping opportunities but also plenty of nature activities, good food and an endlessly uncomplicated Savonian city atmosphere.

Kuopio’s most famous attractions include the 75-meter-high Puijo observation tower, the famous Kuopio market square, the Puijo nature reserve surrounding the tower and the spectacular Kallavesi. The university town empties students in the summer, but they are replaced by plenty of tourists to explore the city and enjoy the services.

Kuopio Market Square is one of the city’s most famous destinations.

Kuopio Market Square

Stunning scenery throughout the year

Kuopio is at its best in the summer, when the parks and nature reserves surrounding the city turn green and the scenery opening from the Puijo tower looks especially stunning. The city is also an impressive destination in other seasons, as seasonal variations are clearly visible, especially in Kuopio’s natural sites: in autumn the trees shine in bright colors and in winter the forests are buried under a white snow cover.

The scenery that opens up from Puijo Tower varies greatly with the seasons, so it is worth visiting the tower in all seasons.

Active City Holidays in Kuopio

Kuopio is typically used for city holidays, but the surroundings of Kuopio and the surrounding municipalities are also popular cottage destinations.

The city center is built around the Kuopio market square, or locally the mualima hub. The market square right next to the town hall is quite popular in summer, and the nearby shops and malls offer excellent shopping opportunities for visitors. The market hall next to the square is also a good place for shopping.

You can also spend a successful active holiday in Kuopio, as the city has several great outdoor areas just a short distance from the city center. Puijo Nature Reserve, one of the most popular outdoor destinations, attracts a lot of visitors not only because of the popular tower but also because of the challenging but beautiful terrain. The steep climb creates a great setting for many sports, and brings a nice physical challenge to the traveler as well.

In addition to the Puijo nature reserve, the Neulamäki outdoor routes, for example, are also very popular.



The lake landscapes of Kallavesi can be conveniently reached from Helsinki by direct flights.

Direct flights to Kuopio

Most Finnish tourists head to Kuopio by car, train or bus, but there is also a direct flight connection to Helsinki from Kuopio Airport. Finnair flights operated by Norway operate several times a day, and the flight time on a direct flight is about 45 minutes.

Kuopio Airport is located about 17 kilometers from the city center. There is a bus connection from the airport to the city center, and bus number 40 runs approximately once an hour.

Plenty of accommodation options

Kuopio pampers tourists with a good offer of accommodation, as the city has plenty not only of chain hotels but also private accommodation, not forgetting spa hotels.

There are also several budget-friendly accommodations in the city, as in addition to cheap hotels, you can also stay in a hostel in Kuopio. Home accommodation is also plentiful.

Getting around the city

Public transport within the city of Kuopio is handled by public transport in the Kuopio region, which covers various parts of the city quite well. Ticket prices vary by zone, and children under the age of 17 travel on a children’s ticket. Children under 7 travel by bus for free.

Kuopio also has excellent cycling routes, so it is easy to get around the city by bike.



There is plenty of hustle and bustle in the market all year round, but especially in the summer season.

The market is the heart of Kuopio

The lively market is the absolute heart of the city in Kuopio. There is more to it than just fish flowers – you can find them, of course, but you can also bring handicraft gifts and sweet strawberries from the summer to the home or cottage. Also take a peek at the market hall on the edge of the market square and taste your Savo delicacies! The more than 100-year-old Art Nouveau-style market hall is famous for its tasty products and relaxed service.

There is plenty of life in the Kuopio market all year round, because in the winter an atmospheric Christmas market rises on the market, which attracts a lot of visitors to the center of the city.

To the harbor and Puijo

The market is only a short distance from the port, which is a popular place to spend the summer and evening walks. From here you can explore the magnificent landscapes of Kallavesi from the water by spending a day on an inland water cruise.

Puijo’s spectacular views offer a bird’s eye view: from the tower you can admire endless lake and forest landscapes – especially foreign summer guests should take the city to marvel at the lap of water and forest in the middle of nature. Puijo Tower is open to the public all summer and specializes in a revolving restaurant. At the foot of the tower there is a small souvenir shop and a hotel-restaurant Puijon Maja.

In case of a rainy day

Kuopio’s museums and exhibitions offer things to do for rainy days. The block museum presents ancient homes from the 19th century to the 1930s. The special milieu offers a fascinating glimpse into history through the everyday environment of ordinary people. In addition to the homes, the block museum also includes a pharmacy, Minna Canth ‘s study and a separate exhibition hall.

The Kuopio Art Museum presents Finnish fine art from the 19th century to the present day, and the Kuopio Museum’s natural history exhibition boasts the only mammoth in Finland in its collection. Definitely worth seeing is also the Finnish Orthodox Church Museum, which is considered to be the most significant Orthodox museum in all of Western Europe.

When the rainy day surprises, the tourist can also turn his beak towards the Rauhalahti spa, located just south of the city center, where the whole family’s day is sure to go like wings. The Rauhalahti camping site is a popular stage for caravans.



Puijo’s 75-meter-high tower offers spectacular views over the city.

The main attractions

  1. The Puijo tower
  2. Kuopio Market Square
  3. Kallavesi

The best shopping destinations in Kuopio

  1. Shopping center Matkus
  2. Shopping center Minna
  3. Petersburg Market Square
  4. The market is surrounded by shops
  5. Market hall

The best Nature Destinations in Kuopio

  1. Puijo Nature Reserve
  2. Väinölänniemi
  3. Neulamäki outdoor routes

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