Learn to Care for Suede Shoes – Defy the Nordic Weather

by | December 21, 2016

The Nordic climate is not kind to some, especially suede

Just south of the Arctic Circle the temperature creeps down either in the single digits in the fall and winter, or so it rains in spring and summer. And how is it with the suede shoes? Works they really up here? Obviously, it’s just an old myth that they would not tolerate anything.

But it is not quite easy to care for suede shoes. The questions are usually many. Resistant to water? Snow and salt? What should you consider?

Luckily my partner is working in the footwear industry and has eye on all these issues. You can always consult the internet, but I asked her to help with a list of the most practical tips to care for suede shoes.

What do you need to take care of suede shoes?

Here is a shopping list of products that are good to have:

  • Impregnating spray for suede
  • suede Brush
  • Talk or cornmeal
  • White wine vinegar
  • Eraser
  • Toothbrush

 How do you take care of suede shoes?

1. To impregnate suede shoes for the winter is everything

Everyone knows that sunscreen in the summer is super important, likewise impregnation super important for your suede shoes. Had you had a pair of leather shoes or sturdy boots in durable material maybe this is going to ignore (but preferably not).

When it comes to suede shoes, they are especially sensitive to moisture and need to be sprayed with the impregnation. You can buy it in most shoe stores and even many supermarkets. Invest in a good quality. Spray shoes preferably two times before use and low roughen them with a brush before and after spraying. Remember to spray outdoors.

2. Manage and cleaning shoes after spillage (wet spots)

Suede is usually sensitive against spills. Imagine that you go to the pub one evening and decide to wear your suede shoes. Spills are inevitable.

The best thing you can do is go to the toilet and dab (do not rub) with a dry towel or paper towel on the area. Are the shoes wet so it is advisable to use a little talcum powder or cornmeal and sprinkle this over the area that is spilled on. Then allow the shoes to stand overnight and brush them in the morning after with a suede brush.

3. Manage and cleaning shoes after spills (dry spots)

If you have been outside with the shoes (which you probably are ), they will be spotted in the form of dirt, gravel or slush. These spots tend then to dry out if not dried immediately.

The easiest way to avoid these stains and remove them quickly so you do it with an eraser. Rub the stains gently and try to remove them.

If you have got worse spots instead use a clean, dry towel with a little white wine vinegar. Dutta of vinegar on the stains and repeat until you see it disappear. This is a good way to get rid of both water and salt spray.

4. Revive your suede shoes

By using a toothbrush, you can quickly and easily bring new life into your suede shoes. After some use, they become like a little tired and looks flattened out in mocha. Then use a toothbrush to roughen mocha. If they are in really bad shape, you can keep them over a little steam by boiling water on the plate and then rub them with a brush.

5. Never use water

Maybe it sounds strange but water affects negatitv both the color and texture of your suede shoes.

6. Go to a pro

As usual, it would appear that it is not possible to bring order to them for their own power, it is best to take them to a cobbler. Suede shoes are usually quite robust and keeps a few seasons. It is therefore worth paying a few hundred pieces. Take the opportunity to hatch them if needed, they will be entirely new.