Liberia 1999

Yearbook 1999

Liberia. Concerns erupted at times on the border with Guinea, where a previously unknown rebel movement took hostages of foreign diplomats and aid staff on a few occasions. Visit Countryaah official website to get information about the capital city of Liberia. Liberia accused Guinea of ​​not preventing the rebels from moving across the border. Guinea, for its part, accused the Liberian army of having entered the country’s territory in search of the rebels. Battle in the border area in August left at least 25,000 people homeless. Both rebels and army soldiers were reported to be plundering.

Map of Liberia Monrovia in English

In April, 13 men were each sentenced to ten years in prison for participating in a coup attempt in 1998. The men were co-workers of former Militia leader Roosevelt Johnson, one of President Charles Taylor’s rivals during the 1989-97 civil war. In October, the UN announced that 20,000 weapons and three million bullets seized after the civil war had been destroyed. The last 200 soldiers of the West African peacekeeping force ECOMOG could then leave the country. The ECOMOG force was sent to Liberia in 1990.

Liberia – Monrovia


Monrovia, capital of Liberia; 1. 1 million residents (2010). Monrovia, which is the country’s largest port city, was originally founded at the mouth of the Mesurado River to then expand and include the Bush Island, on which the main port facilities are located. The city is Liberia’s transport and trade center. In Monrovia, which is also the center of higher education in the country, there are among other things. University of Liberia (founded 1862). Located on the outskirts of the city is James Spriggs Payne Airfield, and 43 miles southeast of the city is Robertsfield International Airport. The civil war of 1989-92 and the renewed fighting in 1996 led to great havoc in the city, and it is unclear how much of the urban infrastructure works.

Monrovia was founded in 1822 as a settlement for freed black slaves from the United States and was named after President James Monroe.

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