Make Winter Our Look with Small Details? NET – Porter We Said as!

The web magazine NET – porter gives us ten tips to give you that Winter point, or winterizar as they say, our different outfits. In Jezebel, we want to share it with you since we believe that they are some good tips that we can all carry out.

Since using knitwear at night to mix textures and garments (we saw as Claudia Schiffer did wonderfully) are some of the proposals of the web. Without further ADO, we show what you and we advise that you take note of these valuable tips.

It adds a touch soft and appetizing

You will think that touch talk in net – porter. Simple: a soft scarf and also colorful is a perfect touch that also will bring you that winter touch that can be missing you. The options are endless, we chose this, of Mulberry.

Beautify your knit garments

The point is more warm season trend so we can use it at night? The answer is clear: of course. If you also want it to use for a more festive event you can combine it with long skirt as we saw this year at gateway. Will help you day or night.

But you dare to wear long skirt and jersey at night can opt to get with a Jersey decorated with precious details or do it yourself but you find that you like. This parrandero.wmvby is of Zara and is decorated with pearls: ideal for night.

Is it a necklace or a bag? Both!

This bag of Lanvin It is one of the proposals that net – porter makes us. In this photo may seem a normal bag & #8230;

But in this other photo you can see how it also serves as a necklace.

What is clear is that Lanvin is fashion more than ever and those who can not make with this gorgeous bag have the possibility of doing something designer at a great price in the next collection for H & M.

Mixed clothing and textures

What fashion is a continuous game as we know it. But it seems that this year more than ever: mixed garments, fabrics and prints is the ultimate, so we must not take to get to it. This proposal, which we show is of Urban Outfitters and it is valid for the day and night and also easy to get at home.

Crown your outfits with a borsalino Hat

And it’s that you have a borsalino in the closet is a choice for life. Choose the color that you like (avoid blacks, there are colors more appropriate in this hat as the camel or charcoal grey and simple) and get one since you will have it forever. In Mango We have this model, precisely in those two colors.

He rolled up the sleeves of your garments

If dear, another proposal of net – porter is this. Maybe seem crazy but you will see the amount of street stylers that already do so and get a cool touch to its parts above. If also let see the garment you wear underneath and the sleeve is contrasting is a beautiful detail.

But wearing nothing underneath the effect remains cool.

Grab a parka

Parkas, motorbike leather jacket or coat in beige, are one of those items that you must have in the closet because if the care it will have for a lifetime. For day and night become any set on something a little more modern. Elena blogger knows how to use it and carries the parka with anything. And furthermore takes note.

Dare to wear a maxi-sweater

With nothing under rather than socks and boots if possible of cords. Proposals? The of Zara We like.

Always choose knits the most basic possible, are which better combine with everything, and you will have them for several seasons.

Long gloves are detail for almost any look

And still committed to get some basic, forget tacks, ties or any details that will allow to wear next season. These, also of Zara.

Practice white magic

You may ask, how? Simple, with pompous or furry clothing and most importantly, in white. NET – porter offers us some of these features. Horror!

We believe that this proposal is too risky so if we want to get something very winter, nothing better than a CAP and wool scarf White, of Zara.


William H. Peck

William H. Peck





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