“Makes It Wide But You!” – No, This Is My Body.

by | March 18, 2017

It is already a couple of times happened that various comment Gates wrote things such as “makes you fat but” or “oh, you’re honest, it makes you seem chubby „. As you might imagine, so some do not like to read but if that is so, then it is so. Anyway, I think it is time to time fix to make something clear: my clothes is not unflattering. This is my new body. All 11 kilos are there more since last year. This is a change for me but I’m not particularly sad, because I’m healthy. What shows me the whole thing, but: it is to be not very easy and healthy and feel good, if constantly who bores into the wound.

I want to break here, no self pity text from the fence, but simply about the ubiquitous double standard be surprised. “crappy low-fat craze, this framework, that’s not normal, blablabla, sick world of fashion” – I hear that all the time. It’s funny, only, that they are often the very same people, 365 days in the year forgo carbohydrates. Or to their girlfriends saying things like “I would not put this on but, it squeezes you somehow.”
well, what is it now? Why you should wear only clothes which makes longer, narrower and makelloser seem the own appearance, I could never understand. I’d rather wear what I like – even if the legs this 3 cm look shorter than they actually are. It is of course nice to be slim, which I do not deny also. And even by nature, very skinny girls are beautiful. But no more or less than normal mortals or even “moppelige” also. The body are healthy, get healthy food and of sufficient body that and be happy with sports. Paying attention to these two factors, then the thing is governed virtually by itself. The figures and investments are just different, just like tastes. Most of all it is but your own well-being. That is disturbed but unfortunately too often. Media, bloggers, models, prying eyes and Meenakshi. It is simply not just made us to face up to the own weight – and even if we have no grams too much on the ribs.

I as a blogger for example, I have a few disadvantages compared to my very slender fellow insert. Keyword: Sample sale. If designers sell their prototypes, then fits me very little. All XS or S, 34 or 36. knick-knack, since confidence Gets a kick again. I can watch my toned girlfriends doing also in the assessment of new collections, as they Peel in fantastic, but very tight dresses. I then prefer it look instead for the third time, to determine that the zipper to explode too threatening.

The stupid at all self-pity: one is of even fault. Less pasta, less Nutella, less milk coffee, more cycling – that would be a possibility. Decides one but must you live just with it, sometimes not being able to play with. And most of us have no problem also. Is the problem’s first, if others feel you let that “this is not the ideal”. I am sure that every one of us is looking after his own ideal. Without scales and sizes.