Manolo Blahnik Is Prophet in His Land, The Universidad De La Laguna It Is Named Doctor Honoris Causa

by | June 21, 2017

If I tell you that Manolo Blahnik, the famous shoe designer who put the star in fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker to Carrie Bradwshaw in the series Sexo en Nueva York, is because he was born in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Island how do you stay?

So yes, as you are hearing it, the famous Spanish sandal who one day decided to go live in London has received from the University of La Laguna in Tenerife an important distinction: the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

The rector of the Center, Antonio Martinon He expressed pride in the University of La Laguna appointed Doctor Honoris Causa to one of the designers with greater international relevance in the world of shoes.

This Canarian resident in London – the famous author “manolos” cobalt blue satin with a buckle formed by an ancient brooch set with crystals, which shone like diamonds, and that Mr. Big asked Carrie hand-, study literature, languages y art before embarking bound for London where she opened its first boutiques.

Manolo Blahnik infinitely thanked the received distinction and had no problem to recognize publicly that could not understand the generosity to the have been granted since, as he explained, his office was to design shoes for what seemed to him that it had no merits which could endorse such a high honor.

Blahnik explained that his work begins with observation, analysis and mental recording of what he sees every day, which is a art addict and passed hours killed in museums watching them wonders that offer, and then try to move your designs using colored pencils and ink china.

It is then Select materials with that makes a prototype, that then reproduce the shoemakers craftsmen have been working for it for more than 45 years.

They say that nobody is a Prophet in his own land, but Manolo Blahnik was already awarded with the Prince of Asturias. A well-deserved recognition of his entire career, which included a prize of 30,000 euros (from 3 years) which went to charities of his native island, La Palma.