Match Bomber Jacket Like This – 2 Styles That Hold!

by | February 6, 2017

So you wear the hottest up bomber jacket!

Bomber jacket is a truly beautiful garment, it has the cool feel of a leather jacket, and leave in a hoodie. Thanks to its qualities, it is easy to get into a thoughtful and relaxed feeling in your outfit when you pull on you a bomb.

Bomber jacket is not dressed

Something important to remember is that just because something is trendy, it is not automatically nicely with everything. It is not the 90’s anymore.
No, style is mainly about three things:

  1. The fit
  2. You can wear the outfit
  3. That you match your clothes right

With that said, it is important to remember that Bomber jacket is a very sporty jacket. So if you generally like a little more dressy outfits that is not the bomber jacket is the perfect spring / fall jacket for you, even if it is trending strongly. Trends are not everything.

But if you have a mixed look and likes to vary your garments, then the bomber jacket be a fantastic garment!
Here are the two hottest ways to match the bomber jacket!

1: The classic “t-shirt + bombs-look”

As Ernst Kirschteiger says, “In the simple lives beautiful.” No, now we will not go and be deep, but there is a lot in what he says. A T-shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers and a neat fitting bomber jacket in a color that complements the rest of the outfit is incredibly good, precisely because it is ridiculously easy! Style need not be more complicated than that.

Pro tip!

Mix up any outfit with a pair of leather shoes, for example, a pair of brown brogue , to make it a little more stylish and with a unique twist that gives your outfit lives in the sea of people just run with T-shirt, jeans and bomber jacket.

2: Jean shirt

Do you want to get a little more dressed style so is denim shirt garment you should bet on. A t-shirt will be extremely time off, especially when you take off your jacket. But denim shirt has that magical quality that it is a bit of a hybrid garments. Is Game Evening with Guy gang as it is sufficiently neddressad, but you should at the Christmas party with the job so work it just as well as most of the time ( provided you do not have a strict dress code at work ), you simply have the best of both worlds!