Men’s Fashion Fall 2015 – Trends That Apply When Leaves Fall

by | December 19, 2016

Autumn fashion from Whyred, Acne and J Lindeberg

The fresh breeze is here and autumn has finally boarded our country. When the summer months are not delivered best weather we might as well get wrap ourselves in scarves, pull on us desert boots and wear flannel again with good conscience.

The collections for menswear autumn 2015 is now available in stores and it is time to find their treasures for the season. Here are some favorites from Acne, Whyred and J.Lindeberg.


WILKINS – 6500: –

Before we forced our down jackets leather jacket works great most of the fall. Along with scarf, a sweater and gloves over you can even get by even when the first snow started to fall. Whyred has developed the optimum. Timeless design but with a stylish and subtle details like seams at the shoulder portions. A good bit shorter length that fits the most body types, and the absolutely wonderful soft leather.

KLEIN – 2800: –

Not a fault can be found at these beauties. Strongest from the collection of men’s fashion autumn 2015 Whyred is clearly their shoes. Functional shoes with rough soles to withstand rain and rusket, while the model is in Finsko model and ideal to suit pant. These ports at the top of the wish list!

PEKKA RIB – 1800: –

Do you not a polo this is the first thing you should procure you. Autumn’s key pieces if you ask me! To add some extra dog rings on a polo shirt is so worth it. There is nothing worse than a scratchy sweater that also goes up around the neck. This is 100% merino wool and will keep up with you in a decade.



J.Lindeberg walks away from their otherwise very simple garments and make a collection with a touch of space. Here is a shirt with a pattern that might not scream space, but the feeling is still there. A pleasant patterns that allow you to take the shirt at which point you know.


Continuing on the space theme delivers J.Lindeberg accessories in metallics in everything from these gloves to shoes. Why not add a glove in silver to your otherwise black outfit? We have seen that the metallic colors started to take more and more space, and this is no exception in menswear autumn of 2015.
dig you not silvery but otherwise the glove with the stylish zipper, it is also available in black.


We should not be afraid to wear white only for the dark season begins. Is there any time we need a little light, it is now. Here, a pair of sporty brogues in 100% leather, which makes them easy to keep white.

Acne Studios

MOORE BLACK – 2795: –

The typical sporty parka comes in fine Merino wool by Acne. Ultimate garment when you just want something comfortable, warm and not too tight. Stylish pockets with zippers in silver adds that little extra to the shirt. Sporty garments in exclusive materials, it is men’s fashion is all about for years!


Add a patterned or colored gown from your otherwise dark and solid color outerwear. Here is one from Acne in both patterns and great color combination. The deep V-neckline may seem impractical in the winter cold, but oh so stylish it is. Are you not much for patterned bet on a solid colored coat in any of them burnt tones.